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December 30, 2009

Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital today in Hawaii… the following are a sample of tweets by the Left… keep in mind these are the people who want government to take over your health care. Simply…. WOW. Do you trust these hate filled people? My, if this was the Right doing this over Obama, I’d be thouroughly embarrassed. This is amazingly lowlife. I am simply speechless by these degenerates… and these people support your elected officials. Incredible.

LMFAOWUT: people are quoting Rush Limbaugh on ontd and it's just making me wish he was dead even harder

Millertime92: Lets hope that rush limbaugh gets better, even if we disagree with him.
Editors note: Thank you Millertime92 for reaffirming my faith that at least some Democrats have a brain and generally want to do the right thing.

FoToEdge: Rush Limbaugh has been rushed to a hospital with a heart problem! Keep your fingers crossed, America may have a really HAPPY NEW YEAR!

ProgressiveWNY: RT @JenKirkman: Rush Limbaugh in hospital. My thoughts and prayers…..nope can't do it.
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Shebalynnx: RT @Bodhi1: @JeremyBuff: So Rush Limbaugh cannot say that he wants Obama to fail, but liberals can say that they want Rush Limbaugh to die?

Mister_Robinson: These tweets on Rush Limbaugh are too much lol. I feel bad for laughing at some.
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Empress_Valesta: @MelaEla if rush limbaugh kicks de bucket nobody is gonna care. we having a party.

TheFreshBrew: Rush Limbaugh Reacts to Rush Limbaughs Death: “Just another dead doper. And a dirt bag.” #tcot

SamanthaCasey: Guess Rush Limbaugh's heart couldn't handle all the boner pills he needed to take in order to rape little kids. If he even has one.

Krysanthemum: @SUPAAN0VA why was I watching the news n they talked bout rush limbaugh and my father said “good. He should die.” smfhhh

GriffMorivan: Rush Limbaugh might die. I would laugh endlessly! I really fucking would.

charlie_charl: Is hoping the pill popping hatemonger is suffering terribly right now. Go directly to hell rush limbaugh do not pass go do not collect $200.

twit4luv: Dear Rush Limbaugh: Please Drop Dead. Love, Twitter

marcbjiorle: Rush Limbaugh is hospitalized…I hope his heart fails.

avantguardian: I don't wish Rush Limbaugh dead. I just wouldn't be sad if he died nor seek prosecution if hospital staff shot the fucker between the eyes. EDITOR NOTE: Nice thinking, I think I want to turn health care over to this freak.

DrFingerHole: I'm praying Rush Limbaugh dies a slow & painful death. One less loudmouth, conservative christian cunt makes the world a better place.

If you haven’t ever listened to Rush Limbaugh, I’d suggest you do it when he comes back. Find out exactly why these people hate him so much.

One more thing comes to mind, “You become what you think about”, when you focus on hate, so much that your proudly exclaim your hatred for another human life to the extent that you wish they die, I feel bad for you. Living with so much hatred in your heart is no kind of life at all. I wouldn’t wish that on Obama, Pelosi, Reid… I merely want them out of office. I don’t hate liberal private citizens, in fact, I support their free speech, even if I do disagree with them. I do not feel threatened by private citizens, talk show hosts. Why would anybody? Thank God Limbaugh is still with us and resting comfortably. And for the hate filled people wishing death on Rush Limbaugh… be careful what you wish for, sometimes people can become more powerful in death, than they were in life.


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