The Twilight Zone

January 21, 2010

I was in high spirits when I started off my day on Tuesday. What wasn’t it going to be a good day? After all, even if Brown had lost, this election should have shaken the Democrats up on the way they have been leading the nation for the past 364 days. In fact, I was worried. You would think it’s Massachussetts, a blue state, home of Ted Kennedy, so what if we lose? It wasn’t a loss that made me nervous, it was a victory.
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I figured the worst thing that could happen to the movement that we see happening across America (you know, the whole teabagger thing) was that Martha Coakley and the Democrats get teabagged on that night. I had told a couple of my Republican friends earlier that day, “In a way, I hope Scott Brown loses”. A glazed look of confusion seemed to cross their faces, even though they stated the reasons why I would think such a blasphemous thought. The truth was, I was fearful that the movement would have it’s own wind knocked out of it, that the people of the United States know that one party given too much power, and all of our freedoms are at stake. If the Republicans have that 41st vote, well, the checks and balance falls back into place, healthcare falters, and the people go back to their lives, complacent with government so long as government stays out of their lives.

I was also afraid that the Democrats would catch on, that they would realize that they have been acting extremely unreasonable over the past year, and quickly move to a more moderate stance on several issues. I figured the Democrats would understand what a critical wound Martha Coakley’s loss would be and would quickly move to stop the bleeding, after all, in just over 10 months from now, they will be fighting their own elections. I was afraid that they would realize what they have done and try to salvage as many seats as possible.

As I am loyal to my country, GOD BLESS SCOTT BROWN FOR WINNING! As I am also a registered Republican, THANK GOD FOR OBAMA! When I woke up this morning, I saw headlines that brought a smile on my face, “Scott Brown Wins”, Senate to Seat Brown”, and “Coakley, Olberman get teabagged!”. Okay, so that last one wasn’t a headline, but it should have been. There was also another headline, “Obama to Nationalize Student Loan Industry”. Wow, he’s nationalizing businesses faster than that dictator Hugo Chavez. Talk about the Twilight Zone, are you kidding me? Obama has found a new level of stupidity, I mean, he’s got a room to himself on this one. This is unfrazzled stupidity.

As both a Republican, and as a person who has been wanting to see people be more involved for years, I almost want him to continue down this path. I have never seen anybody so intent on destroying the Democrat party. Here’s a guy who’s willing to double down on the futures of so many Democrats this year. Amazingly enough, there are several Democrats who gladly point their finger at Coakley and say she was a terrible candidate. Well this year, I guess there might just be 50 very bad candidates running for re-election in the House, and 10 Democrat Senators who make terrible candidates.

Some Democrats even went so far to say that the loss of that seat was because Democrats didn’t pass healthcare reform. What? That’s an obvious dig and Senator Mary Landrieu and Senator Nelson, who stalled the vote so long in hopes of getting a big payoff. Yes, it’s true. If Senator Landrieu and Senator Nelson hadn’t been so greedy, the Democrats would have rammed it through the Senate much quicker, and who knows without those payoffs, maybe the Democrats beat Scott Brown. Who knows, but the two people who did the most damage to the passage of the health care bill are Nelson and Landrieu, and sad to say, it was done inadvertently. I know our Left wing bloggers in Louisiana won’t hold her accountable for killing health care, but keep in mind, they like sucking up to the Landrieu’s for some crazy reason. I am proud of Mary Landrieu for killing health care, but still she helped bring it closer than ever to passage.

How do you do that? I mean think about this, Mary Landrieu spit in the face of her constituents by helping push the legislation forward, but then spits in the face of every single Democrat who wanted to pass health care by dragging her feet so long, looking for a big payoff that she inadvertently wasted so much time that the Democrats ended up running out of time. To bad that Carol Mosely Braun isn’t up there in Washington D.C., Mary Landrieu might end up getting punched in the mouth herself. If you’re a fellow Democrat Senator of Mary Landrieu, why on earth are you going to want to work with her now after she inadvertently sabotage health care reform that you were pushing despite knowing it was going to cost your party terribly in November? If I were a Democrat, I’d be paying Mary Landrieu back by pouring tons of money into Troy Henry’s campaign, are you kidding me? And when I talke about unfrazzled stupidity, I mean, there are Democrats out there who only care about what Democrats say, and refuse to listen to anything that anybody else says and will line up to kiss Mary Landrieu’s feet. Simply freaking amazing.

And Ben Nelson? Ben Nelson needs to go to Haiti and do some serious humanitarian work down there to get back in the good graces of the Democrat party, go build houses with Jimmy Carter or something for a couple of years. Mary Landrieu was the dagger in the heart of this Health care bill, but as it turns out, Ben Nelson took out the jugular. It’s hard for me to believe that all those Democrats are going to follow Obama off the cliff. Obama has served more time as President than he has days served in the Senate. His lack of experience is really beginning to show, but not all Democrats are going to be that inexperienced. It’s clear now that Hillary Clinton should have been the Democrat nominee, and if she had won, there is no way she would have been nearly as bad as Obama has turned out to be. If the Democrats have enough collective brains among them, perhaps they can figure out a way to just have Obama continue to read the teleprompter without doing or proposing any more stupid ideas, while more experienced people like Pelosi and Reid run the show from behind the scenes. I know, some of you argue that has already been happening, well then, let Obama take charge up in Washington. Whatever it is they are doing now, it ain’t working.

How can we expect the Democrats to fix the problems of the nation when they are showing the world what a dysfunctional family they are? The GOP has got to be excited that the Democrats are openly calling Coakley a bad candidate, in fact, what a brilliant strategy the GOP has in pushing the idea that Coakley was a bad candidate. Democrats amazingly stay in that twilight zone of unfrazzled stupidity, and those poor independents, well, they simply want government to stay out of their life and out of their pocketbooks. Why is that so hard for politicians to figure out?


What a shame that the portly mary landrieu isn't up for election for such a long time...

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