The Two Duke Rape Cases: The Math Doesn’t Add Up

February 16, 2007

Let’s do some math here. Duke University: Black female + accusations of rape by priveliged white males = outrage from all corners of the country, from the New Black Panthers to the liberal media. Everyone pounds the table and demands “justice” way before the facts of the case are presented.

Part two: Duke University (again:) White girl + accusations of rape by a black male in a house very similar to the one occupied by the white fratenity = ……nothing. Nada. Harldy a peep beyond some “oh by the way” stories void of the seamy details of the first one. Is it just me or does this math formula not add up? Last week another rape occurred in one of the off-campus frat houses in Durham. This time, though, the coin was flipped to the other side. An 18 year old white female has reported that she was raped in a bathroom by a black male in circumstances strangely similar to the first case. There are striking differences here, though.

The media, who howled to the moon and wanted the white guy’s livers on a stick, are either coveniently leaving some stuff out of their reporting of this incident, like the little fact that the victim was white and the alleged perpetrator was black, or are touching on it briefly and then shying away from that fact like they’re embarrassed by it. The Duke University newspaper, the Chronicle, has been one of the only papers in the print media to mention this little tidbit. And much of the media also seem to have left their sense of outrage somewhere else on this one.

All things being equal I wouldn’t have given a second thought to this. But all things are apparently not equal. The print and broadcast media shrieked about the race of the first set of Duke perpetrators. Their self righteous outrage over that incident brought the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (the usual race pimps) into the fray along with the New Black Panthers and their half-wit spokesman, whatever his name is. (If you don’t think he’s a half-wit just watch an interview with him sometime. He makes me cringe, and I’m white. I can’t even imagine how responsible blacks must feel when watching this buffoon.) All of them had those guys tried and convicted in the first days of that story. Had to be true. It was white guys and a black girl. The story couldn’t have been more perfect for the race panderers and their eternal attempts at self promotion.

I’m wondering if Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson will denounce the rapist as an embarrasment to the progress of their civil rights agenda? Don’t hold your breath. Ain’t gonna happen. I’m also wondering if the prancing, histrionic New Black Panthers will have an opinion on this one. Other than automatically defending the accused, that is.

Mike Nifong, that shining star of the judiciary system, has decided that he’ll let the police complete their investigation on this one instead of stepping in and taking over, like the lat one. The self promotional opportunities in a politically incorrect case like this must be limited, eh, Mike? It’s noted that nobody has released the alleged rapist’s name yet. By now the other guys’ names were in articles and print stories everywhere you looked, along with their personal histories and criminal records.

The uneven handling of this story is as clear as the nose on Barbra Streisand’s face.

And get this…I’m not saying that the press should butcher this story like they did the other one. Let the process work this time in fairness to everyone, victim and alleged perpetrator alike. Not like you did with the last one.

Do you think the media is handling this one differently this time because they’ve learned a lesson from the last time? I’d like to think so, but it’s more likely they’re more cautious with this one because it’s the politically correct thing to do.

Glad we can count on them.


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