The Weight of Stupidity

July 30, 2015

Find the biggest rock and climb under it. The time is coming to hide yourself away into your doomsday bunker. It’s not the zombie apocalypse, the earth isn’t about to melt from global warming, and there is no nuclear holocaust no meteors are racing towards earth’s atmosphere. The United States of America is at war, and the United States of America is about to lose that war. No, not Afghanistan or Iraq. It’s the war on stupidity and stupidity is gaining momentum. America will collapse under the weight of stupidity.condo_0

Are Americans concerned about Benghazi and whether the United States government knew full well ten days prior to the assault that it was going to happen?

Are Americans up in arms over the brutal rape of an elderly woman by five Iraqi immigrants in Colorado Springs, Colorado?

Are Americans getting rattled by Planned Parenthood’s  controversies, including allowing the sexual abuse of a 13 year old to continue by failing to report it to authorities as required by law?

Or are Americans upset about Human Rights abuses by Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe? Are they offended that Robert Mugabe had eaten baby elephant during his lavish 91st birthday party? Or are they more worried about a nice cuddly lion named Cecil who would run up to little babies and lick their face and play catch with the soccer players? Wait, sorry, lions don’t do that. They are ferocious animals. They are the king of the jungle. They kill.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, center, falls after addressing supporters upon his return from an African Union meeting in Ethiopia, Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015. Mugabe, 90, was elected chairman of the African Union and is set to celebrate his 91st birthday on Feb. 21. (AP Photo)

How many people who are upset about Cecil the Lion can name the dictator of Zimbabwe without looking it up?

Let me be very clear here, I do not support poaching, nor am I making excuses for it. However, I’m not going to pretend that I’m such a caring person because I make much ado about a super friendly lion in Zimbabwe merely because somebody gave it a name, while ignoring the 50 million acts of brutality that are occurring that are more severe.

I’m not going to pretend that I’m a compassionate person who speaks out against poaching while ignoring illegal immigrants who kill my fellow Americans. I refuse to be upset over a lion’s death while ignoring the brutal killings committed by ISIS on a daily basis. I refuse to act as if there’s no greater issue than the poaching of a lion.

Even a person who once hosted “The Man Show” got all choked up over Cecil the Lion. Dear John jimmy-kimmel-gets-choked-up-over-killing-of-cecil-the-lion-video-488049-2Wayne, please come back to life, America is in desperate need of a men. Seriously Jimmy Kimnmel? Crying over a lion that was poached in Africa. Was this lion his personal friend? Did Jimmy Kimmel chit chat with Cecil the lion for hours on end? Did they meet in a internet chat room? Jimmy Kimmel got choked up over “Cecil”. I’ll never be able to watch a rerun of “The Man Show” again.

While I won’t defend the act of poaching by some dentist out of Minnesota, I’m sure that most common sense animal activist will agree with me that the abuse of house cats and dogs is maybe just a teeny bit more offensive than the shooting of a lion. The suffering that people put animals through in our own country far too often is much worse than a lion in Zimbabwe.

And so are so many other acts that are happening every day. Some of these acts my not be on a daily basis, but they happen. Acts, such as:

Police brutality



The brutal killings of animals under Halal.

Human slavery

Human trafficking

Child abduction

Child molestation


Cuddly lion playing a friendly game of tag with an eland antelope.

But yay, let’s pat ourselves on the back and let the world know just how much we care about Cecil the Lion.

We’re going to collapse under the weight of stupidity. We’re going to keep making minor issues out to be such a major issue while ignoring extremely severe situations while ignoring what can be and probably already are critical situations.

And did I mention that Obama has made a deal with Iran? It’s supposed to secure peace and be the greatest international agreement since Winston Churchill made the agreement with Adolph Hitler that brought about peace in his time. Fortunately Obama’s deal with Iran will also bring “peace in our time”

99785There’s no use fighting it unless you are merely trying to slow it down in order to buy more time as your prepare your bunker. We’re collapsing under the weight of our stupidity, worried about a lion while clear and present dangers gain strength and momentum.

I guess I need to jump into the backyard and start digging my own bunker. Hopefully I can get it built in time to save myself from the weight of this stupidity.


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