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May 8, 2009

Uncle Uncle…as one of the few conservative women bloggers in the state, I find it impossible to “skirt” the issue of Stormy Daniels for another minute. My friend The Sniper wanted me to weigh in on this. Since he does not live in Louisiana and he is a sniper, I’m obliging him with a post. I’m going to give you my opinion (shock and awe moment here) without research (no paycheck – no research – lazy blogger here- hire me someone).

First off, as a woman who has the most beautiful and intelligent friends on the planet, I find it highly unlikely that any of them (on either side of the aisle), would choose Stormy for candidate. That would be like hiring a Playboy Centerfold as a nanny! Women are petty with this crap and yes, myself included. Oh….this is about politics…I see…hard to remember that. Well, it is as freaking obvious as the nose on your face that this porn star didn’t wake up one day and decide, “Hey, I’m done with the adult industry and think I will run against David Vitter for Senator.” She may be intelligent, she may have good political ideas, but I bet you a boob job that this was not her own thought even if she says it was. Nope…my little brain tells me that someone is behind this movement in order to shake up Vitter’s election. Is she being used? Will this create a media circus and draw away from serious politics? My friend Chad at the Dead Pelican has some interesting perspective on this and nobody should surprised that something might not be Kosher here. To not leave you hanging, unless Stormy promises free breast augmentation for anyone who voted for her, David Vitter will get my vote in 2010.

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Liberals perpetuate global warming hoax.(News)

Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) July 20, 2011 Liberals perpetuate global warming hoax I know that most people probably missed the blurb by a federal agency called the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration about global warming. After all it was buried under the obits and all of two paragraphs long. Their study of the 30 years from 1981-2010 showed a .5-degree F increase over the 1971-2000 temperature range.

Wow — even Mr. Internet Al Gore would be impressed. After all, he called the American people the biggest users of carbon energy in the world, and to think there has been a whole .5-degree rise over those year shows what a hoax the liberals are trying to perpetuate. If anyone is interested they can go onto NOAA’s website for elucidation. Of course liberals won’t do that because they don’t want the facts to get in the way of their opinions. this web site global warming hoax

Bob Lowth Arlington Heights Raise decency level in movies, on TV When are we going to stop poisoning our society with movies that are violent, have bad language or have drugs and sex in them? The movie, TV and video industries are destroying our culture with bathroom scenes and bad values. Americans are being corrupted from watching all the trash on our programs.

I may sound like a prude, but why are we dragging down to the lowest levels much of our society? The United States should be a better example to the rest of the world. Why can’t more movies like “Midnight in Paris” be produced? The cinematography and story line were educational and delightful. I can’t imagine anyone not liking it, but I suppose there are a few!

Movie makers seem to think violence and bad language sell. It should be up to moviegoers to prove they are wrong. Let’s do it!

Mary Lou Gorman Palatine We need a fair and upfront Congress I want to express my concern over the current national debt ceiling impasse we are all watching take place in Washington. I submit that this is an attempt at “back door” legislation. That is, if you fail at trying to impose your ideological agenda on the American people by a direct vote, and the opposing agenda prevails, then by withholding the funding for the programs you are opposed to, you can achieve the same end. This, in effect, negates the will of the people already expressed through their elected officials.

For example, the Republicans were unsuccessful in their attempts to privatize Social Security. Privatization would have drastically curtailed the “safety net” and “inflation protection” features of this program. It would have signaled the beginning of the end of Social Security. So now instead, if politicians demand that funding be reduced because of the national debt, do they not achieve the same end? Are not Republicans trying to reverse their earlier “social programs” failures at the expense of the American people? site global warming hoax

Yes, the national debt is very serious. But it has always been serious, not just in the last two years. Why has there not been a Republican president since Richard Nixon who balanced spending and revenue? They failed to balance their spending with revenue by choice, as they imposed their “trickle down” ideology of tax breaks. Only Billy Carter and Bill Clinton ever had a surplus; this is easily verified.

Congress needs to rescind all of these ill-advised and ineffective tax breaks, close tax loopholes (especially for international businesses), and be fair and sincere about paying their bills with both spending cuts and revenue increases. They should not just cut social programs and middle-class civil service jobs.

Phil Graf Rolling Meadows


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