These United States

March 1, 2011

What is in a word, what is in a simple compilation of lines and curves? It is in one instance nothing more than the course of an entire nation; for a single word has changed how a people perceive their government. A single word has in effect carried out a coup.
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For generations, the people when referring to America referred to These United States, for they understood the power of the words we speak and the fact that our children listen to what we have to say and are impressed at early stages of life as to their understanding of the world and that a single word can carry with it the weight of liberty. This is a fact that most people have forgotten but not the progressives in Washington who’s very goal is to alter and destroy individualism, in fact today an entire industry is devoted to nothing more than figuring out the best way to ‘word’ something; for example Global Warming is proven to be a foolish concept when we get record snowfall so let’s now call it Climate Change so no matter what happens the progressives who advocate such absurdity can be proven right. But, the words we now speak when referencing our Nation are so much more important for the difference between The and These is the difference between liberty and tyranny, it would in fact alter our understanding of our relationship with our Government.

Our forefathers knew that a subtle change in the understanding of our relationship with our government could bring about drastic changes to our levels of freedom and that it is pertinent that their children understood that America is not in fact a centralized autonomous entity, but instead it is a group of sovereign states held together by a common purpose, and that could not be adequately represented by referring to our Nation in the singular unified context but rather it must be specifically pointed out that we are an assemblage of sovereign states which can only be represented in the plural as These United States. This small but simple word is what separates us from an overly burdensome bureaucracy in a far off city managing our every aspect of life and having a local government comprised of our neighbors and of a size that can actually be held accountable by the people. It was this simple change in understanding that resulted in the seventeenth amendment which took away all representation of the States from the federal government, in fact while the Government of Congo has official representation before Washington the Government of the State of Louisiana no longer is permitted such representative authority. The seventeenth amendment was perhaps the death blow to Federalism in America.

So I call on you, my fellow Guardians of Freedom, to no longer refer to this as The United States but boldly and unequivocally state that we live in These United States, so that others may realize that we are not accountable to a central authority, but rather the Federal Government is accountable to us and These States of which it is comprised!

May God bless These United States and may He allow us to preserve freedom for generations to come!


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