Things You Need to Know About This Election

October 17, 2007

Waldo Boasso wants to do away with the three meal a day system, he doesn’t believe people should starve like that.

If you meet Foster Campbell, tell him you voted for him, that way he won’t start yelling at you.
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On July 1, 2005 Governor Blanco went to Boasso America to sign some legislation. She was still woozy from the chemicals during Hurricane Katrina and needed extra naps.

John Georges doesn’t allow topless men into his casinos.

Bob Odom and Wayne Carter are haunted by the number 21, also 3 times 7 equals 21, the day after the election is 21, and the minimum age to drink alcoholic beverages is 21.

The toughest decision Boasso had to make today was should he eat the buffet or get a new perm.

Hey Patch, I know you’re reading this, don’t yell at me, I voted for you.

People who insisted that we can’t question their patriotism are now questioning Bobby Jindal’s patriotism.

The next A.G. is bad, very, very bad. One charges people falsely, the next thinks he’s above the law, and the last asks for money.

Walter Boasso thinks the Governor’s race has something to do with Iraq.

The real reason Boasso is running for Governor is because he needs a place to stay and he’s too big for a FEMA trailer.

Pat Culbertson wanted a crap tax, you know, tax our crap, because it’s a necessary evil.

It’s scary that so many politicians love children, especially with all these predator types we keep hearing about.

John Georges is more than just a casino and a bare chest.

Mitch Landrieu has children which means he’s definitely not gay, so we should re-elect him, I guess.

Sammy Kershaw and Gary Beard care enough about us not to bother us with commercials, which is probably a good enough reason to vote for them.

One candidate for Governor claims to have a high I.Q. in his radio commercial, I can’t remember his name and it doesn’t matter cause he ain’t smart enough to figure out that he ain’t gonna win.

Jay Dardenne’s opponent has a myspace page, that’s been the extent of his campaign.

Keep ISP-1 as default account if trying ISP-2

Post-Tribune (IN) November 20, 2003 | APRIL MILLER CRIPLIVER THIS ELECTRONIC VERSION MAY DIFFER SLIGHTLY FROM PRINTED VERSION APRIL MILLER CRIPLIVER(PHOTO) A: First, dialup modems are only able to legally transmit data at 53K. Yes, I know. You purchased a 56K modem and you can’t get that speed. You’re right. It’s a snafu, but your 56K modem will never attain a 56K speed, and your ISP speed of 46.6 is actually quite good. go to website isp speed test

The ISP you use to dial out just connects you to the Internet and provides you a way to send mail. You can receive mail from that ISP and a hundred other ISPs if you’re paying them their monthly dues.

In Microsoft Outlook, click Tools/Accounts/Add new mail account. Add all the properties of the new ISP, but keep ISP-1 as the default account. This way, all mail will be sent through ISP-1, but you’ll be able to receive mail from the ISP-2. website isp speed test

If you want to connect using the new ISP-2, then you must change your dialup properties to use their phone number and the username/password you signed up with. You do all of this in Internet Explorer properties, not your Outlook (mail) properties.

You cannot connect using ISP-1 and send your mail using ISP-2. This is called relaying and is illegal. That’s why, in Outlook, you’re going to leave the ISP-1 account with the word “default” written next to it. Always have your default account be the ISP you’re dialed into.



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