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March 3, 2007

One of the most annoying things I find is the political propaganda that’s being shoved down our throats in what seems like every movie, television show, news broadcast, blog, song, art, and any other form of media. When Hollywood releases a movie with a Presidential character, you can tell if the President is going to be a Democrat or Republican simply by observing if he or she is being characterized as a good guy or a bad guy. Movies that come to mind would be “Dave” where a lookalike becomes President and pushes forward the Liberal agenda. “The Day After Tomorrow” had a Vice President that looked similiar to Dick Cheney and was controlling everything from behind the scenes of a President that really had no clue (George Bush anybody?) “West Wing” was about a Democratic Presidency, “The Distinguished Gentleman” was fighting against the evil Bob Dole (Republican) lookalike.

One of these days I am going to really talk about the liberal propaganda being shoved down our throats in movies. I watched finally watched “Crash” on Dvd in which all the characters are racist, except for the guy that gets shot and killed. Though I have to admit that I was glad to be living in the South rather than in some liberal wasteland like Los Angelos that’s filled with a bunch of racist.

Speaking of racism, when I see those “eracism” bumper stickers, I can’t help but to wonder What kind of people does the driver hang around that they feel a need to “preach” to the rest of us about ending racism? Don’t misunderstand, I understand that racism still exists, and on occassion I am a victim of racism, it rears it’s ugly head in my presence. However, I don’t see it nearly as much as much. Maybe I just have a good judge of character and naturally choose friends that are not of a lower caliber. Maybe I just treat people with respect first, and more often than not, they treat me with respect.

Maybe it’s because I don’t choose to be a victim of racism. If one were to call me a “Spic”, “Wetback”, or any other negative connotation, I’d probably laugh. Now, some don’t understand why I’d do this, but I see it completely different. If somebody says something that’s I find offensive, I ought to give the person the opportunity to explain what they meant. If they didn’t mean to offend me, shouldn’t they have that opportunity? And if they did intend to offend me, wouldn’t me getting offended only give them the pleasure of offending me? Either way, I ought not choose to be a victim.

Now, one could argue that racist will try to physically harm me, which is true. Quite frankly, if somebody tries to physically harm me, I really don’t care about the reason behind it, but I have the Right to defend myself, and I will. But unless somebody is trying to physically harm you, who cares if they like you or not? One must remember that the people who are important in this world are the people who love you, not the people who don’t.

I’ve strayed to far from the original intent of this post. I wanted to fill the readers in on what they can expect from Louisiana Conservative Dot Com. I have four basic rules for the authors of this website and after reviewing those rules I will tell you about a few of the authors.

The first rule is no cussing. There are two reasons why this rule is in there is because I want this site to reach a broad range of conservatives, this includes the Christian Right. This site does not approve of the intolerant Left’s hate, and because of it, opens our doors to all. The second reason is simple. We want intelligent posters and one cannot initiate intelligent debate with words of stupidity.

The second rule is no racism. This site believes that all men and women are created equal and thus believe that since God created each one of us, we ought to be proud of who we are, but that pride does not give us the right to hate others who are different. This includes hatred of white southern men. You cannot end hate with hate, only expand it.
The third rule is three words: “Be a Conservative” and the fourth is “Don’t bash a Republican”. It seems to me that rule 3 and 4 are conflicting rules and needs to become just one rule. The title of this site is Louisiana Conservative, not Louisiana Republican. When a Republican goes against Conservative principles, how can we stand up for our principles if we won’t speak out against Republicans? This site will not endorse a Republican unless that Republican is the only Republican in the race and is a conservative. However, if an author chooses to endorse a candidate, they do so on their own free will. I will not allow the bashing of a Republican for the sole purpose of benefitting another Republican on this site. If questions arise of a Republican candidates conservative credentials, the authors of this site have every right to question it. Truth is not bashing, it just hits harder.

We are here to have a broad range of conservative writers around the state of Louisiana to indentify what exactly does it mean to be a Louisiana Conservative. We want to promote free thought, not the propaganda of any political organization.

We currently have five writers.

Nick from Conservativecajun is from somewhere in the Southwest part of the state and will from time to time fill us in on issues affecting that part of the state.

D’Arbonne News does not currently have a blog and as his name suggests, represents North Louisiana.

Pilgrim occassionaly writes for Sayanything and is from the Southern part of the state.

Both TheDeadpelican and I live in the Baton Rouge area and will be writing about things affecting this part of the state.

We currently are looking for two writers from the Lafayette area, 1 from New Orleans area, 2 from Washington/Tangipahoa area, 1 from North Louisiana, and 2 from Cenla. If you know of anybody from those areas, please have them contact us. Writers are free to write what they wish, from National, State, and Local issues as long as the rules are obeyed. We hope you enjoy the site and are still working on site design.

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