Throwing Money At Education Still Won’t Fix It

May 22, 2008

HB1349, The Parental Choice Education Reform Program, by Rep. Patrick Williams and Rep. Tony Ligi, will be heard today in the House Education Committee. This bill would allow students across Louisiana to attend the non-public school of their choice. All while putting more money, on a per-student basis, into public schools.

We have thrown mountains of money at education since the beginning of time and our schools remain at the bottom of the list. Let’s face it, our kids can’t read and are graduating and dropping out with such a lack of skills that they can’t get a job. One of the biggest problems our businesses have is unskilled labor that can’t pass a reading test, much less a drug test. In the North part of the state for instance, we have few schools that are spread out through an area that contains much rural land. If the failing school is the only choice that parents have, then in essence, they must move to an area where the schools are better (maybe one that is “approaching basic.”) In essence, we are sentencing our kids to failure, whether they want to fail or not. If your heart is strong, take a look at the number of kids dropping out of school. These are not just kids that you would consider prone to drop out, there are just as many kids who are so bored with the lack of teaching on their level that they would rather drop out or graduate early just to go somewhere that they can learn.

Please, call your elected officials, call the members of the committee and tell them to put our kids, not the “this is how we’ve always done it”, teacher unions and bureaucrats first. It we don’t demand change, we’ll never get it.


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