Tiger Tail Gating Or Iowa Caucus?

January 3, 2008

While the rest of the nation is paying attention to the Iowa Caucus and who’s going to be in the race when they reach Louisiana in February, most people in these parts are more interested in the BCS Championship game and who’s going to be in the Superdome. That’s of course, the LSU Tigers.

I know who better not be in the Superdome if they don’t remember their tickets, that’s Sherry Cheek from Shreveport Louisiana. Last time LSU was in the BCS championship game, she had the State Police drive all the way from Shreveport to New Orleans just to deliver the football tickets. It’s bad enough that Sherry Cheek’s voting record looks more like Hillary Clinton’s than it does Ronald Reagan’s. Sherry Cheek (R) is enough of an embarrassment to conservatives with her voting record, but does she have to embarrass us outside the legislature as well?

You know, speaking of Sherry Cheek, I was up in North Louisiana while she was campaigning and I actually heard say she was a conservative in her radio ad. I guess people up in Shreveport don’t pay attention to her voting record. Anyway, I don’t care if you’re a liberal Democrat or a conservative Republican, please, everybody, leave Sherry Cheek a message to remember her BCS tickets BEFORE she goes to New Orleans.

Anyway, the results of Iowa is coming in and it looks like Chuckabee is going to win the thing, Obama is winning for the Demos, and Chris Matthews obviously hates the Clintons now. I wonder what she did to him?

Here’s the big surprise, Giuliani at 4%. As much name recognition as the guy had, even though he was putting Iowa off, he still should have shown up a little higher than that. Big defeat. He’s going to have to make it up in New Hampshire or it’s the end of the line for the GOP’s front runner. Look Ron Paul has nearly three times the votes of Giuliani, which he’s vying for fourth with John McCain and Fred Thompson trails Mitt Romney for second. That’s just about how I saw it, I believed that Chuckabee, Romney, and Thompson were the big three candidates all along and that Ron Paul was going to be consistently a third place finisher.

Now I know Ron Paul didn’t finish third place tonight, but Ron Paul seems to be the anybody but candidate this time. Ron Paul has a managed to stir emotions both pro and con Ron Paul, more so than any other candidates out there. That anybody but Paul will keep enough people who won’t even consider him away from voting and pulling out a strong first place finish anywhere.

But next up is New Hampshire where Mitt Romney’s second place finish will launch him into a first place finish and even Giuliani’s supporters probably will bolt to be on Romney’s side. Chuckabee probably won’t do so well up in the Northeast, so I think Thompson is going to take second and this is where Ron Paul gets his first third place finish. That’s just the beginning of a long election process for Republicans, less John McCain and Rudy Giuliani.

Just one side note, after an early Republican debate, I said Giuliani was a big loser in the debate while everybody else was praising Giuliani’s performance. I said ,Giuliani should never have attacked Ron Paul, that he put Ron Paul in the race. From May 16th, 2007…

Problem is, by the time we have the Presidential election, seven years will have passed since 9-11 happened. In another year from now, we may or may not still be in Iraq, and either way, that’s not good news for Giuliani. People are getting tired of the war in Iraq, and in a country where every other child is diagnosed with ADD, how can we expect people to still pay attention to terrorist? The further we move into the future, the more all of the old issues come back into play, and that’s where Giuliani failed. Giuliani did not win over Republicans with anything other than 9-11. Giuliani has very thick armor made by 9-11, but inside it, it’s just an empty shell. Where was his passion on tax cuts? Where was his passion on abortion, on anything else? We saw Giuliani the man on 9-11, but we saw Giuliani the politician on the rest of the issues. That was the first part of that failure but Ron Paul needs to send Giuliani a thank you card. While Giuliani might have got the loudest applause in last night’s debate, capitalizing on Ron Paul’s statement, he picked on a guy in the single digits, if even that. Had it been McCain, Giuliani knocks McCain out of the race, but Ron Paul? Who was talking about Ron Paul before last night? The amount of blogs talking about Ron Paul skyrocketed overnight. He probably had more people talking about [him] since last night than he has had all year combined. For a guy who trails so badly, that’s a good thing. Thanks to Giuliani, everybody in the country knows who Ron Paul is. If Giuliani doesn’t say anything to Ron Paul, there’s no exchange, thus no controversy, and nobody cares what Ron Paul said.

Guiliani Loser #1: Some of you people who think Giuliani is the second coming of Jesus Christ may be right. Not only did he not separate himself from the pack, he raised Ron Paul from the dead.

Ron Paul – Winner #1: Lazarus. Not only did Ron Paul sound good the entire night, but when he made an apparent fatal mistake, he stood his ground. Ron Paul showed that he understood exactly where he wants to take this country, and I don’t think any candidate on either side has come close to that.

Of course I’m quite sad eyed that Hillary Clinton didn’t win because I want her to win. I want her to be the Democrat nominee but I never believed she’s get it. She’s such a joke that we Republicans ought to pray to God that she wins to help ensure an easy victory for our nominee. Let’s face it, Ron Paul vs. Hillary Clinton? Who would you vote for? That’s like a no brainer, for Republicans and Democrats, Ron Paul’s a clear winner, and for many he’s our worst candidate.


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