July 1, 2007

No legislation in my previous 50+ years can be said to be more important than the comprehensive immigration bill that U.S. Senators worked on for long hours behind closed doors, designed with bi-partisan support and stratigized for easy passage.
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Given the long need and desire for substantial changes in our immigration system, it could certainly be considered a surprise for such far sweeping legislation with the importance of national security to be suddenly sprung on the public. Making the legislation even more incredible was seeing Teddy Kennedy and President Bush standing shoulder to shoulder supporting this legislation. The incredible nature of the legislation only grew.

Republican Senator Trent Lott, always perceived as a strong conservative, and moderate Senator Lindsay Graham were quick to throw in their support. On the left side of the Senate was the usual liberal lockstep support for Kennedy legislation, and the strong endorsement from Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid, though Reid did make a critical misstep in running the Senate. This process looked destined to be short and sweet for those supporting this legislation. In fact, some on the left got a little ahead of themselves in reporting the “facts”.

But “short and sweet” was not to be had. After long hours of hard work with bi-partisan support there was a snag; it could be described as the proverbial “monkey wrench” that threatened to derail this congressionally supported legislation. The one thing these deceptive leaders could not overcome was the TRUTH.

The first red flag was the Kennedy-Bush alliance. Given Teddy Kennedy has proved himself in the past to be quite capable of stabbing the President in the back, anyone would quickly wonder why President Bush would ever trust him. Kennedy’s description of the “last best chance” to get this legislation passed only served to heighten suspicions.

Quickly making more red flags fly was that this legislation was concocted behind closed doors and behind the backs of the American public. Reinforcing those suspicions was the early attempts to stop all debate, which could only be seen as an attempt to deny the public the truth about the legislation. These actions together gave the appearance of a scraped democratic process in favor of a familiar evil.

Like a shark feeding frenzy, conservative talk-radio hosts began shredding the credibility of the legislation into small pieces. It was clear that certain politicians in Congress along with the White House had thought they could, once again, fool the public into believing this legislation was not amnesty for millions of ILLEGAL immigrants and fool the public into believing security was to be applied to our wide-open borders. The supporters of the bill believed it could be steamrolled through the Senate without the public knowing what was really in the bill. The implications of this are astonishing, as are the continued and GROWING efforts to withhold precious information from the American public through efforts that look no less alarming than the burning of books in Berlin.

The Kennedy-Bush Immigration Bill WAS a debacle in the making, no better than such failures as Social Security and Medicare. After a ground swell of grassroots support AGAINST this legislation, 80% of the American public was finally able to make it clear to enough Senators to kill the ill-designed bill. It was a victory that will be long felt by those Republican politicians that forgot they were supposed to be representing their conservative base. Perhaps, given 80% of the public opposed the bill, there maybe some moderate Democrats that could be in similar trouble. The so-called, comprehensive immigration bill will prove to be a tiger’s tail too slippery to hold.

Now, with renewed terrorist efforts in London, luckily being thwarted, the need of leadership capable of securing the U.S. borders is clearer than ever. The American public was well justified in opposing legislation that did little to nothing to really secure the borders of the United States, but this is only one battle and the public has got to remain vigilant.

The Democrat majority continues to make all efforts to make this country susceptible to terrorist attacks through actions that can easily be seen by conservatives as “aide and comfort to the enemy”. Those efforts can also be seen as a backdoor approach to give amnesty to 14 MILLION criminals without regard to their actual status in this country. Clearly, if the Democrats are successful in awarding Constitutional rights to our battlefield enemies, something that has never been done in the history of the U.S., it will be an easy step to provide legal status to criminals violating our immigration laws.

Like a wounded animal, and with similar rationale, congressional supporters of the ill-conceived immigration bill are attempting to strike out at anything or anyone that they imagine responsible for their deserved defeat. On the surface, their main target would seem to be Talk Radio that provided the few sources voters had available to acquire the real truth about such horrendous legislation. By considering revisiting the so-called Fairness Doctrine, the “book burners” efforts are clearly to deny critical information from the American public; information that exposed the clear deceptions by politicians who were making all efforts to ram legislation down the throats of voters without any debate or transparency.

But Talk Radio is only a tool, a source of information for those unable to get the truth on liberal controlled network news. The real target of those deceivers, who seek to control and manipulate the truth, is the American people, who when armed with the truth, become enraged at such deception.

It was not Talk Radio that defeated this corrupt legislation, it was the American people. By reenacting the Fairness Doctrine, which was composed a long time ago in a time of significant difference, the undemocratic politicians in Congress would be striking a blow to Freedom, not seen since World War II. No worse affront to the Constitution comes to mind other than slavery but this time the slaves would be the entire American public.


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