Time For Some R and R

August 12, 2012

By Harry Plauche

After four years of Barack Obama, America needs a break. America needs, shall we say a little R and R -Recovery and Restoration, or as the GOP likes to call it, Romney and Ryan. Oh America does need a break from the people who were so impressed by the “Arab Spring” that they unleashed their own version called the “American Fall”.

I am prepared to give credit where credit is due. Only a Left Wing Liberal will understand the logic that pooping on a police car means you are mad at Wall Street. Same goes for pooping on the American flag because, Wall Street makes American flags and police cars. Wall Street corporations also make shampoo, soap, and other personal hygienic products, which explains why they won’t use it. Corporations also make video cameras, cell phones, and bullhorns, but Occupy Wall Street people like those items so those corporations are only half evil. Ask a Liberal, they can explain it better than I can. They just have to be educated by the NEA.

That is what happens when you get educated by a Liberal, your thinking gets all screwy. For example, you get fat not because you made bad dietary choices, but because the government didn’t abolish McDonald’s and soft drinks in time to keep you skinny. Michelle Obama didn’t intervene during your childhood and teach you to demand healthier foods. Maybe momma ought to feed you cabbage, beans, boiled eggs and other “healthy foods, sacrificing her nose while she sits and watches a Michael Moore documentary with her kids. That I suppose is great parenting in Liberal circles.

Apparently there are plenty of stupid people, or as Michelle Obama refers to them as Obama supporters. Remember during the last campaign Michelle Obama referred to Barack Obama supporters as stupid? Well she did use code language saying that if we elect Barack Obama, we’ll never be able to go back to our lives as usual “uninvolved, uninformed“. Imagine that, the wife of the man you intend to vote for telling you that you are uninvolved and “uninformed”. Like Michelle, I think Democrats are “uninformed” too.

To her credit, she doubled down this past week telling her Democrat supporters that there are still stupid people out there, and if you just get them to the polls, they will know to vote Democrat. She referred to them as “knuckleheads” who need to be dragged to the polls or that neighbor that really is not “paying attention”. Who will those type of people vote for? Like Michelle says, they can be the ones who throw Barack Obama over the top, they can get him re-elected.

I’m not sure why Democrats are proud to have so many stupid people in their ranks. Maybe it’s because it’s much easier to fool stupid people than intelligent people. You can always make stupid people feel better about their stupidity by lifting up their self esteem by telling the how “intelligent” you think they are.

These are the type of people that are happy with the direction America is going. A direction in which government tells you how you must be healthy, that decides for you if you earn too much, if you eat too much, if your health care policy is right for you.What’s in store in the next four years should we allow these people to remain in power? Government deciding who is the right “life partner” for us? What house we should be living in? What kind of car we should drive? Wait, aren’t they kind of doing that last one already?

I am one who still believes in America. I look at Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and the wicked witch of Miami as “night time” in America. When production was down, working people didn’t work, and we pretty much just laid around doing nothing to provide for ourselves.

America needs some R & R, and with Romney and Ryan, it’s “Morning in America” again. It’s time to get back to work. It’s time for some Restoration and Recovery.

I’m Harry Plauche and I approve this message.


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