Time To Bring The Big Guns

March 3, 2007

I came across this story titled Alabama Raises Ante In Bid For Steel Mill by way of Politicsla.com and I now realize just how important Eminant Domain really is. Yes folks, I have been converted. I was wrong about people such as Hugo Chavez, who take the private property of big business so that the people of Venezuela can starve more effectively. I mean, benefit economically. We need Louisiana’s own anti-free state hate group such as Toye Taylor, Senator Ben Nevers, and of course the Grand Wizard of this anti-property rights hate group, Rep Francis C. Thompson.

Yes, these members the apparitional hate group Politicians Against Private Property have spent 5.2 million dollars on building eight cabins that rents out for $90 dollars each night. If all cabins sell out in a night that brings a profit of $720 a night. Do that 365 days a year and you have a net profit $262,800 if you don’t include the 5.2 million dollars the state spent to create it. Yes folks, that’s $262,800 more a year that the state has now thanks to the apparitional hate group P.A.P.P’s Grand Wizard’s ability. That’s what I call economic development!

Don’t give me that doesn’t make business sense mumbo jumbo to me, are you an elected official? No? Okay, what right do you have to criticize our elected officials? Do you really think you put them in office? Besides, they care, and who are we to judge a person for their actions when what really matters is that they cared? So they take land away from innocent people, they bring the state $262,800 a year provided they sell out every cabin, every single night.

So why have I converted and what does this have to do with Alabama and the Steel Mill? Because Alabama has stepped up in it’s bid to bring ThyssenKrupp AG into it’s state, Louisiana must be equal to the taks. We need people that can create $262,800 extra a year (provided they sell out every cabin, every single night) to the state of Louisiana to convince ThyssenKrupp AG to come to Louisiana.

Do you really trust Kathleen Blanco to convince TKAG to come to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina the first three years of her tenure? Didn’t think so. So it’s time to bring in the big guns, the experts.

Since the reservoir is part of their economic plan, I propose they take pictures to Germany and show TKAG just how economically intelligent Louisiana Politicians truly are. They could talk about how they have the ability to just take land away from citizens, spend 5.2 million dollars to bring in a gross profit of, well you get the picture. We ought to use all the mileage we can get out of the reservoirs. Why sit on that profit when we can use it to show off the big brains of Louisiana’s capital?

I know what some of you are saying, if we spent 2.5 million dollars to bring the state $262,800 a year (provided we sold every single unit, every single night) at least 9.5 years before it becomes profitable. Plus, that doesn’t include upkeep and employee salaries, so it would arguably take much longer before it became profitable to the state.

To that I take my conversion even further and give you the liberal argument. Here’s a few of them.

“Have you ever served as an elected official? No? Then who are you to criticize? You’re just a chickenhawk when it comes to serving in public office so you don’t have the right to criticize them.”

“Yes, but it’s for the good of the children. Don’t you care about the children?”

“This is about Family Values, I thought you extremist were for family values. Don’t you want families to have a place where they can spend time with their children and sing Kumbaya?”

“It’s worth it because it takes the bad plants out of Poverty Point and puts the good plants there. Also, some animals are safer since cruel hunters won’t be allowed to just randomly kill animals.”

“It’s about tourism, nobody wants to come to a Red state so we have to change our image.”

“They care and you don’t, so the facts don’t matter.”


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