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December 15, 2009

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When our Lt. Governor was running for mayor, our Lt. Governor…. well… this is our Lt. Governor:

Mitch Landrieu – The Timewarp | Viral/Other | SPIKE.com

I guess one way to think of it is like Trent Lott saying he voted for Strom Thurmond. I suppose if we had paid closer attention to Mitch Landrieu, maybe we would have been calling for his resignation then, but nows a good time to take a closer examination of what we got meeting and greeting people and holding their drum sticks for them… not that it’s a hard job. Now while some may come to Mitch’s defense, let’s point out that some people also like to misrepresent comments made by politicians. Thanks Oyster for reminding me, I’ll have more on that later.

Okay, so it’s a boring job and Mitch Landrieu must have felt like a bored housewife. Remember when our newly minted Lt. Governor spent nearly $1,000,000 of tax payers money on a redecorating spree? I think we were so irritated with Kathleen Blanco doing so, that we ignored Mitch Landrieu doing it as well. From Houma Today (8-16-2005)

Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu is livin’ large.

He has given up some of his office space in the Pentagon in exchange for offices and a four-bedroom apartment at the Pentagon Barracks. But the swap involved $400,000 in renovations for a space for which the Lieutenant Governor’s Office pays rent of $500 per month.

It’s a great deal if you can get it. But should Landrieu have gotten it?

Indeed. How would you like to live in a house that’s just had $400,000 in renovations, in which you only have to pay $500 a month for a lease. It must be really, really nice to be Lt. Governor, I guess that’s simply why he doesn’t want to let the job go. I don’t think New Orleans is calling, I think campaign cash is calling. I’m not sure this guy really wants to be mayor of New Orleans. Why would you let that luxurious living go? All he has to do is tell people “Welcome to Louisiana”. We have people who say “Welcome to Walmart” for minimum wage, I’d say Mitch Landrieu is way overpaid. I can only wonder if the first thing he’d do as New Orleans mayor is renovate the mayor’s office for an exorbitant price… say, does anybody have 300 million laying around? Maybe sister Mary does.

And if Mitchell Landrieu’s job description is as he says, working with the Whitehouse on Hurricane Katrina recovery, then why not resign so that a new Lt. Governor can start filling this position and working for the people of New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana, and Mitch can spend extra time campaigning? I know I might sound redundant, but I’m at a loss as to why Mitchell believes “New Orleans is calling him” but just in case he’s hearing things, he’ll hold on the the Lt. Governor’s job. Mitchell needs to put up shut up… or rather, man up. Why should New Orleans believe in a guy who doesn’t even believe in himself?

But I really didn’t want to talk about Mitchell’s inability to show just how much he believes in himself, but fortunately I made it through this article without mentioning that Mitch Landrieu hi-jacked Reconcile’s ground breaking ceremony… oops. Oh well, what I really wanted to talk about was the possibility that the DNC was going to get involved in this race. Is it really wise of the DNC to back a white candidate for a second consecutive race, the same candidate who in the previous race talked about taking New Orleans back to the early 1960’s? Especially when there are other candidates in the race, most of which are Democrats, some which are African American, in a city that is full of Democrats and is majority African American. Is it wise in a city that in all probability will elect a Democrat anyway? Why take a chance of creating divisions within your own party? Why risk all that for an election that has no bearing on the White House, the Congress, or even throughout the state of Louisiana?

Whose stupid idea was that to bring the DNC into this race the first time? More importantly, why take a chance of adding another headache and potential failure that could reflect on Barack Obama? It’s a no win situation interfering in this election for the DNC, but, I must admit, I hope they do get involved. Imagine that, the Democrats twice trying to impose their will by putting a White Mayor in a city that’s majority African American? That should go over real well… and might just be a start in taking New Orleans back to the early 1960’s.


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