Top of the 6th

July 23, 2008

While Barack Obama is busy campaigning for middle eastern votes and possibly making time for a fund raiser or two before heading over to Germany to lecture them about whatever he’s planning on lecturing them about, our own Baton Rouge Congressman is somewhere else campaigning too.

Don “Couillon” Cazayoux was campaigning in New Orleans today with Nancy Pelosi…

Message to New Orleans liberals: Vote Don “Couillon” Cazayoux
Message to 6th District: Don would rather have New Orleans votes than Baton Rouge votes.

I wonder if that means Don “Couillon” Cazayoux has government giveaway programs for dead people and Baton Rouge just doesn’t have enough dead voters for his liking. One thing is for certain, Nancy Pelosi sure is happy with her new puppet. Perhaps she’s been telling Don “Couillon” Cazayoux that a “No” vote means “to drill”.

On a side note, Don “Couillon” Cazayoux has been receiving large sums of money from labor unions in their bid to expand their power into your workplace. Take a guess who Don “Couillon” Cazayoux supports…. that’s right, that’s why we gave him a gangster sounding name.

Speaking of money, Michael (no hee hee) Jackson was one of two black Democrat candidates that received virtually no money from a Democrat donation organization called Act Blue. The two white Democrat candidates received nearly 40 times as much from the organization as the two black candidates did. Is it any wonder why Michael Jackson feels black-balled… er, to avoid any unintentional pun, blue-balled by his own party? Who can blame Jackson for running as an independent?


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