Tragedy and those that feed off of it

December 19, 2012

by Leonard Brown

Sandy Hook Elementary School

A few days have passed since the tragic events in Connecticut, and the shock that we all felt is starting to give way to anger and a deep sorrow. As a nation, we all have felt the effects of this horrendous event. Those of us with children have felt the horror, and wondered, “what if it was at our school.” Those of us, like myself, without children reflect on the tragic loss of lives and the senseless violence and wonder what could have been done to prevent such a terrible thing.¬†Some, however, are using this as a launch platform for their own political agendas.

Just a few hours after that dreadful event, the anti-gun advocates started coming out of the woodwork. “What is the purpose of assault rifles? There’s just made to kill.” “Why do we even need guns. We should ban them all.” All of the usual arguments have come out. Now, I’m not going to use this event as a platform to talk about gun laws. I have my opinions. I’ll talk about that later. What I will say is this. How dare you?! How can you justify using the deaths of innocents to further your anti-gun rhetoric? What in the name of all that is holy gives you the right to speak for these parents? How can you seriously stand there and, without conscience, tell these people that have suffered so much what they did wrong?

For all of the self-righteousness of the anti-gun propagandists, they haven’t the couth to honor the solemnity of the moment. They take every tragic opportunity to remind us that this tool is evil, and they do not even concern themselves with the evildoer. As far as they are concerned the guns themselves were whispering in his ear like some shoulder mounted demon oozing temptation into his soul. With that thought in their mind, they rage about not caring about how the parents and teachers feel at all.


Let me tell you what I am focusing on. The heroes of Sandy Hook elementary are being forgotten. What about the people like Victoria Soto, who gave her life protecting her students? What about the teach that hid her class in a bathroom, who’s last words to her class was “remember that no matter what, someone loves you” before giving her own life and proving that she loved them too? What about the parents that lost their little girls and little boys? They are in enough pain right now without having to hear what could have been done better. For just a few minutes, can you stop spitting your hate-filled rhetoric and focus on the truth, that the blame rests not with firearms, or firearm manufacturers, but with a disturbed individual that was refused when he tried to buy guns, acquired them anyway, made his way onto campus and did violence. The guns would not have done violence on their own without his assistance.

Yes, we have a right to our opinions. Yes, we have the freedom to speak our minds. That does not, however, absolve you of the need to use your brain and a little consideration before you exercise that right.






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