The Trouble with Mary! Senator Mary Landrieu That Is!

September 18, 2014

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Leon Puissegur


We have done some looking up at what Senator Mary Landriue says and does. What we have found is that what Senator Mary Landrieu does is not what she says she does!  In recent ads we see that Senator Mary Landrieu has stated that she has voted for all sorts of bills on immigration, but what Senator Mary Landrieu fails to show is that even though she votes for them, she knows well before she casts her vote that no matter how many times she votes, her vote does not count no matter how much she says it does!  One has to dig into what Senator Mary Landrieu says and what she does, these are two entirely different stories, one that shows clearly that she votes as she says she does, but it is the other one that makes it all for nothing!


Now that we have your attention, all we ask is that you go to her own little Political Action Committee, called “JAZZ PAC”, under Recipients,

(  Here you will find that Senator Mary Landrieu has spent and sent money to people whom she seems to support that vote, “AGAINST” her.  Yes, Senator Mary Landrieu can easily make truthful statements that she has voted for the Keystone Pipeline, for Drilling, in Opposition to certain types of Immigration Reform, and the list goes on and on, but her vote is wiped out before she even pulls the lever!  It is very easy for Senator Mary Landrieu to say she votes for the people, but her contributions speak truckloads of not just no, but “Hell NO!”  Senator Mary Landrieu contributes to the very people that oppose what she states she voted for, and the list is a long one and one can select from whatever category they wish to find and see very clearly that Senator Mary Landrieu, although showing and pulling the correct lever, it does not count in any way since Senator Mary Landrieu has made sure that she can make those statements and be truthful, knowing full well that she did what she wanted, make her vote “LOOK” like it mattered when in fact it did not!

(See all Senator Mary Landrieu’s “Contributions” at; )



Just how can we make such a broad stroke of the brush? It is very simple once one finds the avenue that Senator Mary Landrieu used to “Make” it look like she was voting for the people when in fact her vote did not count at all!  Yes, Senator Mary Landrieu, the same lady that used funds to hire charter flights on the taxpayer dollar, the same lady who got 300 million dollars to pass “Obamacare”, even though 70% of Louisiana did not want it, the same lady that in 2006, yes, way back then voted Against making English the national language, and so many other items that they are way too numerous to list here.


Now let us show as an example of just a few people that Senator Mary Landrieu sent at least $10,000 as campaign contributions, to people that in many instances made her vote not count at all; kind of like pulling the lever and it not even registering! Yes, Senator Mary Landrieu may have voted to build fences along the border, Drill for oil, build the Keystone pipeline,  but when she sent Senator Kay Hagan, Senator Frank Lautenburg, and Senator Jeanne Shaheen in 2008, Senator Harry Reid, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Blanche Lincoln, ($15,000), and  Senator Barbara Boxer in 2010, Senator Bill Nelson, Senator Joe Manchin, Senator Dick Durbin, and Senator Sherod Brown in 2012, Senator Tom Udall, Senator Mark Udall, Senator Jack Reed, Senator Al Franken, Senator Alison Grimes, and Senator Mark Baucus, (a total listed as $20,000 for him), all in 2014 to the tune of $10,000 each unless shown otherwise, it becomes very clear that Senator Mary Landrieu can say she voted for the people 100% of the time and yes, she would be right, but just these campaign contributions alone show that she may well have known that even if she voted against the entire Democratic party, the vote would still pass since she contributed to those that had to stay in to make her vote not count at all!

(See – )


Now just how in the world can this be one would ask. It is pretty normal in the Democratic Party, we tried to find the same style of contributions for the Republican Party, but could not. Does this mean the Republicans do as they say and not ensure the opposite will happen through campaign contributions, or at least the appearance of it, maybe, maybe not, we could not find outright questions as shown here for Senator Mary Landrieu.  Just think, she was born in Virginia, works in Washington, D.C., owns a 2 million dollar home, and lives with her father in New Orleans.  Does that even make any sense at all?  Maybe we got the living with her father wrong, but one has trouble finding a proper tax receipt for living quarters in New Orleans. We could be wrong, but Senator Mary Landrieu has so many other questions, like those of her contributing to the campaigns of those who vote “AGAINST” her in the Senate.  We could go on with a long list of people that do not vote as the people of Louisiana wish that receive contributions from Senator Mary Landrieu, but that would take up too much area for now.


We have shown this so people will know that no matter what Senator Mary Landrieu says she votes for concerning the people of Louisiana or the United States for that matter, when one goes to her “JAZZ PAC” and looks up those whom she has contributed $10,000 or more, one begins to see that no matter what Senator Mary Landrieu voted for, it was overruled by those she gave campaign money to! We do not believe that anyone who does this should be allowed to go back to the United States Senate, especially since her vote will not matter, she would just be taking up a space and time at the expense of every citizen of Louisiana.  We have a firm belief that those sent to represent us in Washington, D.C. should vote according to what the people of their State wish.  No one should go up there just to be a peg in the board saying they did this knowing full well that they do not matter due to the money they toss around to others that nullify, that is Cancel, like in making it not count, their vote.  This is a matter of our “Opinion”, but we thought that maybe others should know where Senator Mary Landrieu is sending her money and for what may look to be a cash cow!



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