Unemployment Drops

March 4, 2011

Before I proceed with the article, I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce myself; I’m Patrick. As of this writing I am 19 years of age, enrolled at Baton Rouge Community College with a major in Entertainment Technology Sciences, the focus being Film Production. I find it a secure fallback should my political ambitions not succeed as I intend them. I am thrilled by this opportunity to present the facts to you, the people of Louisiana, and I hope that you all find my articles enlightening.

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I think that everyone with any sense of compassion should be thrilled at the title of this article; the Unemployment Rate has fallen beneath 8.9%, the lowest it’s been since April 2009. This is an improvement of nearly an entire percentage point since November, just four short months ago when the Democrat’s were largely dethroned. What makes this so great is that the majority of the growth is in the ever-crucial Private Sector, as opposed to Federal jobs; and as the country claims itself the Herald of Capitalism, it is highly important that our Private Sector is successful enough to justify the Poster-Boy image that we present to the rest of the world as the correct economic format. The Chief Economist of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Ethan Harris, pointed out that the drop in unemployment since November is the largest since the 1950’s.

The sad thing is, this kind of news is always spun by politicians on both sides of the isle, as almost everyone clamors to take credit for the positive news. The idea that Democrat’s and Republican’s will pat each other on the back for the expectation-beating increase in employment is nothing more than wishful thinking. John Boehner attributed it to the American people’s ambitious nature; Eric Cantor attributed it to the GOP itself. Democrat’s will naturally attribute it to Barack Obama and their Congressional leadership since 2006 – even though the bottom fell out of the number under their watch in the first place.

But that’s Bush’s fault, right?

Fact of the matter is, everyone had a hand in our economic meltdown, to some capacity. Some of it is natural; the Economy, like a roller coaster, rises and falls by it’s own nature. There is no pacifistic manner to artificially prevent this; the biggest pull-off of that was Nazi Germany, when the need for fueling Adolf Hitler’s War Machine led the German’s out of complete economic collapse. Similarly, the sudden need for weapons manufacturing spurned the United States into action and was truly what pulled us out of the Great Depression. As times get better again for Employment and the Economy as a whole, it will be fair to attribute it to many people on both sides of the aisle. While the Republican’s strive to cut the budget and keep taxes down to allow business to grow and create new jobs and opportunities, Barack Obama still deserves props for doing exactly what Ronald Reagan did decades ago – talking the country out of the problem. If nothing else polite can be said about the President, I find it perfectly fair to appreciate his endless encouragement of American innovation; as The Gipper was quick to discover, a little morale goes a long way. The trick will be to keep it below the 9% mark while gas prices skyrocket at dramatic rates, something that will be highly counterproductive. After all, who wants a job in urbanized areas when the trip there and back becomes such a high expenditure?

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