April 24, 2007

It seems to me that the Democrat hatred of Bush might have helped propel Democrats back into control of the Congress, but at least here in Louisiana, and the exposure Democrats gave to their hatred has created much needed reform. Wouldn’t it be refreshing that states like Massachussets, California, and New York be known for corruption rather than Louisiana?
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With Foti crawfishing (that’s hemming and hawing for you northern hillbillies) over a decision whether or not John Breaux can run, and ultimately a no decision, the Jindal choo-choo train has all but crossed home plate. Come to think of it, there ain’t no trains allowed in a baseball game, so never mind that analogy. Since there ain’t no cryin in baseball, Kathleen Blanco is out.

There is one Democrat that can put dynomite under the train tracks and it ain’t JJ. The Democrats won’t even rally around one of their own, which isn’t surprising since that guy looks a lot like Newt Gingrich. Can the apparent new Democrat- Walter Boasso, rally the troops and derail Jindal’s train?

With the dust settling, and the candidates who are in, are in, one ought to take a second look around, but this should be a race that ends early. As readers of Louisiana Conservative are already aware, I haven’t been on Jindal’s side. I like the guy, and if he becomes the Governor I will be a supporter and hope that he is a solution to the state we’re in. But I also think Jindal is coming aboard with plenty of baggage on his own. He’s young, baggage in my eyes. The only job he’s had for longer than two years is congressman, and after completing that he decides to run for Governor, which was no secret to anybody, anyway. He’s never had a real job, unless you consider government appointments and congressman a real job, and I am concerned about his political ambitions.

I was a believer in Walter Boasso and was one of his supporters. As I write this, Boasso is still undecided if he’ll run as a Republican or a Democrat. You see, the state GOP supported Jindal very early on, and that rubbed Boasso the wrong way. Though I agree with Boasso that the state GOP should not have rallied around Jindal so early on, especially when we have two other Republicans in the race, this makes Boasso look like a big crybaby who couldn’t have his way, now he wants to take his bat and glove and go home, er join the other team.

As for me, an early supporter of Boasso, I’m thinking along the lines that he’s a hooker, I must be John, and I just got tricked. It makes little sense to me that Boasso switch parties. Why would he do that? I could understand if he decided to switch to the Libertarian Party, or wait till after the race was over then make a switch. But does he really think Democrats are going to vote for him as a former Conservative Republican switched Lib… Con… something Democrat? Who does he think he is? Arriana Huffington’s long lost brother?

It just reeks of desperation, a move that somebody who is desperate to retain power so much so, that their willing to throw away all the values they held so dear for the past few years and go 100% against them. Walter, just a forewarning, a difference of opinion isn’t allowed on the otherside. They tolerate only those who agree with them there. Are you ready for that?

Boasso considering switching to a party that is on it’s dying breath here in Louisiana, is like Aaron Brooks going to the Raiders. It’s not good for them, it’s not good for him, but wonderful news for the team he leaves. Now the state party, which endorsed Jindal, has it’s base rallying around Jindal and they look like they have influence, even though they really don’t. Boasso’s best shot at winning governor is to stay in the Republican party and switch afterwards.

We here at Louisiana Conservative Dot Com have invited both T Lee Horne and Walter Boasso to do an interview with us, and extend that invitation to the other candidates. If the Jindal train is to get derailed, these other candidates better get started.

What to pack when school is peanut-free

Post-Tribune (IN) August 2, 2008 | SARA NOEL THIS ELECTRONIC VERSION MAY DIFFER SLIGHTLY FROM PRINTED VERSION Many schools are now peanut-free environments, which can present a dilemma for parents who want to send their children to school with a brown bag lunch. Here are some ways to handle the restrictions: Dear Sara — I have a son in full-day school (snack and lunch needed) and one son in morning preschool (only snack needed). Both are in peanut-free schools. I just found out that they can’t bring anything that has even a generic peanut warning that says it “may” contain nuts. This warning is on everything. I can no longer send granola bars, commercial cookies and crackers, etc. Do you have any ideas? web site chicken salad sandwich recipe

Dear Nicki — You can find soy butter and sunflower butter in health-food stores. You can also include food items such as yogurt, pudding, applesauce, homemade muffins, fruit, raw veggies and dip, string cheese, chicken nuggets, luncheon meats, pizza, hard-boiled eggs, breadsticks, cottage cheese, macaroni and cheese, soups, popcorn and hummus. Ask the school and other parents for suggestions, too. I realize this can be frustrating, but peanut-free options outweigh the restrictions. Check your local library for peanut-free cookbooks, too.

Dear Lukesmama — Here’s a list of ideas for you to try whenever you are either bored with white rice or have leftover rice.

Cheesey rice: Add butter and Parmesan cheese.

Sweet rice: Add cinnamon, sugar and butter.

Little bit country: Add gravy.

Room for a ‘shroom: Add mushrooms and a sauteed garlic.

Gardener’s pick: Add chopped fresh basil, chopped tomatoes and corn.

Meaty barbecue: Add kielbasa sausage or hot dogs and barbecue sauce.

Italian flair: Add tomato-basil sauce or your favorite red sauce, cooked zucchini and Italian sausage to hot or reheated rice. Top with cheese such as mozzarella or Parmesan. go to site chicken salad sandwich recipe

South of the border: Add diced tomatoes, sliced green onions, shredded cheese, diced cooked carrots, peas and red-pepper sauce, or add cooked beans, salsa and shredded cheese to hot or reheated rice.

In love with rice: Add marinated artichoke hearts and grated Parmesan cheese to hot or reheated rice.

Beef it up: Cook rice in beef broth. Add sauteed onions and mushrooms.

Golden rice: Cook rice in chicken stock. Add sauteed onions and mixed vegetables, such as peas and carrots.

Dear Sara — I’m looking for a new chicken salad sandwich recipe. I’d like to try something different, but I am not interested in anything that has grapes or raisins in it. I love the crunch in my sandwich, but don’t want fruit added. — Cherrie, New York Dear Cherrie — I like the following recipe when I want a crunchy chicken salad sandwich.

Crunchy Chicken Salad Servings: 6 * 3 cups diced chicken * 1 medium cucumber, chopped * 1 celery stalk, chopped * 1 small onion, diced * 3 radishes, chopped * 1/2 carrot, chopped * 3/4 cup mayonnaise * 1/4 cup ranch dressing * Lettuce * Salt and pepper Combine all ingredients. Split croissant in half. Place lettuce leaf on half a croissant. Spread chicken salad on the other croissant half and assemble sandwich.


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