U.S. Department Of Transportation To Allow Mexican Long-Haul Truckers Into The U.S.

February 27, 2007

This is getting ridiculous.

On top of all the disingenuous thumb-twiddling that the Bush administration has done over their complete and utter disregard for our southern border’s security they have decided, in their politically correct wisdom, to allow Mexican trucks to haul products deep into our country, starting in about 60 days.

What’s wrong with that, you ask?

Aside from the fact that many of the Mexican trucks are well below American safety standards, that there’s no way to determine how many hours the drivers have put on the road, that there’s no way to check the backgrounds of the drivers thus inviting, well, anyone to cross our borders without us knowing who they really are, that drivers in Mexico aren’t subjected to even the flimsy standards of the U.S. when it comes to obtaining a driver’s license, aside from all this and more there’s nothing wrong with it.

Bush has a puzzling case of tunnel vision when it comes to our borders. How is it that the man who preaches that the security of this nation is his responsibilty will all but ignore the tens of thousands who stream across our borders unchecked, swamping our law enforcement, hospital, and school systems with non-taxpaying people? Why is his Administration, more specifically the Department of Transportion Secretary Mary Peters, agreeing to let 100 Mexican trucking companies cross the border?

Of course the geniuses behind this plan are all reassurance, saying that every one of those trucks will be checked at the border to make sure that they all meet U.S. safety standards.

Yeah, right. We can’t hire enough Border Patrol and Customs Agents now to get the job done down there. Where are they going to find the additional personnel to make this whack-job of a plan work? If you cut the agents we have now in half they die. So that won’t work, either.

To be fair, Canadian and U.S. trucks cross our northern border back and forth with regularity. But that being said, Canada’s trucks are on a par with their U.S. counterparts. I’m not convinced that the Mexicans are as conscientious about their quality control. I could be wrong.

Another thing. Mexican trucks. Mexican insurance (if they have any at all, even though they’re supposed to be insured by U.S. companies.) Have an accident on a U.S. road with one of these trucks and try to collect your just desserts across an international border. Good luck with that one. How many reputable U.S. insurance companies are going to be eager to write policies for Mexican trucking companies?

Oh, yeah, one other thing…..those non-existent inspectors I mentioned above, the ones who are supposed to check all those trucks? They’re also supposed to interview the drivers to make sure they speak English. That’s almost funny in dark comedy sort of way. You decide if you think that’s gonna happen.

I may becoming cynical but I’m just not convinced that Bush – or any other politician – is going to do anything about our border, and this is just one more example of the situation getting so far out of hand that we may never get it back. Our elected cockroaches care more about votes and their own political survival than they do about the long term welfare of this country. Let’s not risk the ire of the politically correct crowd. We’ll lose votes.

Political correctness is fast becoming a suicide pact for this country and so is the total lack of spine on the part of the people we elect to lead us.

Kohl’s Department Stores Recognized by EPA with 2012 ENERGY STAR Award for Sustained Excellence.

Energy Weekly News March 30, 2012 Kohl’s Department Stores (NYSE: KSS) announced that the company will be honored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a recipient of the 2012 ENERGY STAR Award for Sustained Excellence during a ceremony held tonight in Washington, D.C. The Sustained Excellence Award recognizes Kohl’s long-term commitment to protecting the environment through energy efficiency initiatives. Kohl’s was recognized by EPA in 2010 and 2011 as an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year, and in 2011 also became the first retailer to be named an EPA Green Power Partner of the Year for three consecutive years.

“Kohl’s continues to make strides in energy efficiency every year, and we are pleased to share that more than 60 percent of Kohl’s stores nationwide – 700 locations – have earned the ENERGY STAR label,” said John Worthington, Kohl’s chief administrative officer. “But, we’re not stopping there. Our teams collaborate daily to review current projects and discuss new opportunities for energy management and cost savings. We continue to add new solar locations, grow our green power purchases and educate our associates and business partners about the importance of being good environmental stewards. We strive toward new goals each year and look forward to achieving and surpassing our goal of 800 ENERGY STAR-labeled locations by 2015.” With 590 ENERGY STAR-labeled locations at the end of 2010, Kohl’s began 2011 with a goal of expanding the number of labeled locations to 650. By conducting detailed energy audits throughout the year, an additional 86 Kohl’s stores were awarded the ENERGY STAR label last year. According to EPA, on average, commercial buildings that earn the ENERGY STAR label use 35 percent less energy and generate one-third less carbon dioxide than similar buildings. As of 2011, all newly constructed Kohl’s stores pursue ENERGY STAR’s “Designed to Earn” designation with the intent of earning the ENERGY STAR label once built. These stores are eligible to earn the ENERGY STAR label after maintaining superior energy performance for one year in operation. website kohls printable coupons site kohls printable coupons

Kohl’s has been a member of ENERGY STAR since 1998 and uses the ENERGY STAR portfolio manager to track energy performance of all facilities, assess opportunities for enhanced energy performance and implement best practices. The company began installing building automation control systems in 1982 and today operates all store locations via a centralized energy management system that controls most interior and exterior lighting, heating and cooling. Additional energy management initiatives include energy audits at stores nationwide, close partnership with electric utilities, installation of variable frequency drives to help regulate energy consumption and investments in high-efficiency lighting.

In 2011, Kohl’s also furthered its commitment to the use and support of renewable energy by purchasing more than 1.4 billion kWh of green power, enough to offset more than 100 percent of the company’s purchased electricity use. Kohl’s is also one of the largest single hosts of solar electricity production in North America with more than 120 solar locations in nine states, including California, Wisconsin, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Oregon, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Arizona. Also in 2011, Kohl’s launched its first wind locations at its Corpus Christi, Texas store and Findlay, Ohio distribution center and installed electric vehicle charging stations at 38 stores across 13 states.

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You live in So. Cal, are you supporting Duncan Hunter. I am here in Louisiana.


I'm really getting sick of the RINO's they were elected by conservatives, and turned their backs on us. November should have been a wake up call but they are to stupid to Wake up. We live in So Cal. so I would imagine the auto insurance rates for the average LEGAL resident will be going up quite a bit.


And there it goes America. Our government "leaders" allowing our sovereignty to go right out the door, thanks to bought-and-paid-for politicians looking at personal monetary benefits of a North American Union.

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