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August 10, 2012



Leon Puissegur

Author/”THE OIL MAN”



Have you ever sat down and thought just what this nation means, or even better, just what you as an individual has done to help this nation maintain the freedom and rights we all enjoy?  We have all contributed in one way or another and the best part of this is that what we contribute to this great nation is not and could never be given to us by the government no matter who would ever think it could!  We all have in a small but meaningful way given a very small piece of our heart to this nation, and yet we quickly stand back and say no we did not.  What have we given some are probably asking about now.  Well, it is a small but very important part of this nation and a part that each of us give each day we wake up, each day we go to work, or sit at home.  It is called pride! 


All of us are proud of our nation and no government can give that to anyone, that is something that must be found in the depths of our hearts, it is the fire that burns to remain free at least what we now call freedom.  Some wish to destroy that pride and say our nation has no right to be proud because we are a bully to the world.  This is not right and never will be right.  Our nation, the United States has held the burden of making sure that others breath free or at least have hopes to maybe someday be that way.  Our nation struggled with the empires of England, France, Germany, and Japan to maintain that freedom. We as a nation should be very proud that we hold freedom first and tyranny last!

Our nation has become what many nations around the world wish they could become.  But in just the last 20 years or so our nation has stepped back and faltered some, it is not bad to step back every once in a while and take a breath before moving on, but our nation has drifted off course and in the last 3 years it has even gone down the road towards Socialism.  We have as some coach’s state, “taken our eyes off the ball”. We have become lazy, not worrying about our neighbors or even now ourselves.  We have made a turn, one that is not too late yet to turn away from, if we as a people and a nation wish it to be so. Theodore Roosevelt once stated, “This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in.”  That means the same now. When one person places one group whom has worked hard to earn prestige and money against another group that have sat on their behinds, then demanded those to pay their bills, this statement has lost its true meaning.


Consider this, if an individual decides to get up one morning and begin a business based upon an idea they have and it grows into a multi-million dollar enterprise, does that person “owe” some of that money to those whom decided to just sit in bed and do nothing?  I would think most people would say no to that because most have it in them to get up and strive to be better day after day. The government may by chance guide us and force us to fill out paperwork so they can take some of that money from us, but the government did not place that idea in our head for that business, nor did it show us how to build it or grow it.


Government is there to guide us along, not give us ideas nor is it to give us money when we do nothing to earn it.  Many work for 40 to 50 years or more just so they can enjoy their later years of life without much worry. Yet if we allow the nation to support us for NOT working, then we are not contributing to the freedom of our nation nor the rights we all hold so very dearly.  How many would give up all their money and their way of life just so some one who can work can sit at home?  They will not have very many intelligent people raising their hands to say yes to that question.  Our nation was built by people waking up in the morning and saying I am going to work and enjoy what I do and earn a good living so I can enjoy my later years, at least that was the pride our nation once held!


Today many people would rather stand on the corner with their hands out waiting for those who work to give them money for their habits and food instead of going out to work. Some will be quick here to say that if we had jobs we could all work, well to them one could easily state; it is OUR own fault!  What, how could that be, I pay my taxes, I work, and I contribute to our nation.  Yet when we walk into the Wal-Mart or other store we calmly pick up the cheapest item and do not care to look and see if it is “supporting” our nation, the United States!  Got to any store, not just Wal-Mart and just pick up any item off the shelf then look and see where it is made at, chances are that 9 out of 10 times you will NOT see those precious words, “Made in the USA”!   Go ahead, check it out for yourself and see if this is not the case. Then as you read the Made in China or Taiwan, or Japan, or one of the many other nations, ask yourself just how many jobs would be created here in the United States if this simple little item was made right here in the United States! Do this with the school supplies and see just how much you support another nation!!

 Look for brand names that we all saw our fathers and grandfathers buy and see if they are made here in the United States, chances are they are not.  Many will be very quick to say that it is just cheaper to make them in China, Japan, or other nations, but the main reason is the tax base upon those who could be making them here.  As an example, Master Lock; all of those locks were once made right here in the United States, but now they are made in China or some other nation.  Why? The answer is Taxes, corporate Taxes here in the United States are higher then any other nation.  Compare taxes of 20 to 25 percent with 35 percent or higher and that alone will drive business out. If we would allow taxes to be just 10 percent, most companies would come back because that would be enough incentive to bring them back.  But they would have those make statements that to do so our nation would lose taxes and we cannot afford that now.  To that the argument jumps these facts; if one company comes back and hires 100 or more workers, then those workers would pay Taxes and any loss would be nearly negative.


Our nation, the United States has almost lost the dream of making it no matter what that dream may be, it has nearly come to a stop and people now just seem to be happy to say, “I’ll just stay at home and let someone else pay my bills.”  Have we become that lazy?  Have we lost all hope of maybe finding a decent job and enjoying work so we can buy what we want?  The United States led the world, yet in the last 3 years it has withdrawn into just a shell of what it used to be.  Our President bows down to foreign people, he apologizes to the world for being great, he says that private business did not build their business, someone else did!  The United States is an exception to the world, we built this nation from scratch, many suffered from all walks of life to obtain and maintain that freedom, now just in a short 3 years we are supposed to apologize for being that great, for being that bold?  The United States is NOT that, it is a nation of people determined for the most part in their own little way to succeed and own a car, a house, raise a family and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  We as a nation did not get to this point by giving up and saying give me something now because that guy on the corner has the money and I don’t!


The United States began as an idea, a dream and it kept going and growing into a bigger place and the nation fell a few times and stood back up and took another step, but this nation has not ever just sat down and given up as it seems to be doing today!  The United States is the land of dreams and freedom, why else would people be willing to go to jail to come here? The United States is a very great nation and we as a people can and should pick ourselves up, buy as much as possible as we can that is made in our nation, encourage free enterprise, demand the making of products here in our nation first. We should also eliminate the hyphenated word of American, we are after all AMERICANS first, so lets say that rather then add our own origin ahead of our nation. If you agree with this then the next time you meet someone just tell them I am an AMERICAN and be proud of that.  Maybe we as a people could do as was done with Chick-Fil-A?  How about that, tell everyone you know to read this article then on August 31, 2012, everyone greet each other by saying, “I am an AMERICAN!” God Bless the USA!


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