Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez Steals American Property

June 27, 2007

Confirming his status as an enemy of the United States, Hugo Chavez has forced ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobile to leave and forfeit their private property in Venezuela.
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This is likely to ascend the volatile price gasoline. In fact, the loss of production will likely have a serious effect on U.S. supplies for sometime. Combine this with the troubles Iran is facing and a spineless Congress unable to realize the importance of our presence in Iraq, the price of oil could reach prices unimagined.

For ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil, I think they deserve the support and loyalty of their country. Forget the petty, vilifying distortions by the “environuts”. CP and EM are businesses like any other. Their main job is to make a profit. They make that profit by providing a product that is in very high demand. Beyond that is all politics.

In the simplest of terms, CP and EM are just as worthy of the full faith, promise, and loyalty of the United States Government as any other American company. Few companies have provided, directly and indirectly, the jobs and retirements for so many millions of American workers, not to mention funding countless government boondoggles with billions in tax money. Their success should be celebrated, not ridiculed by a bunch of hypocrites lying about the effects of man on global warming while they cruise the skies in their private jets, counting THEIR oil profits, and going place to place panicking a gullible public. It is simply not debatable that the oil companies of this country are as responsible for this country’s greatness as is General Motors, General Dynamics, or General Mills.

Perhaps if the general public actually got real news on their televisions, instead of worthless babble and video of some shallow brat or sick crimes of passion, the public would actually have a chance to be outraged by what is happening to their country.

As long as Hugo Chavez is stealing American property, any and all property of the Venezuelan Government in the confines of the United States should be seized and made available for justice. As an individual, Hugo Chavez should be labeled the thief he is and dealt with in a criminal fashion. As an “elected” dictator, Hugo Chavez and the country of Venezuela should be held accountable for their actions.

Given Chavez’s close ties with Iran, a sworn enemy of the US, a more clear policy of “a friend of my enemy is my enemy” should be explained the Hugo.

In another perspective is the ironic benefit this ordeal may have for the economy of Canada and her American partners, to include ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil (not to mention a serious blow to those environuts). With the theft of their property in Venezuela, CP and EM will now be able to focus much harder on their oil sands projects in the Athabasca Region of Canada. Companies like Suncor, Syncrude, Albian Sands, Oil Sands Quest, and several others will see their profits rise as Venezuela sinks to new depths, both in oil production and moral character.It is the opinion of the renowned Dr. Michael Berry, that the effects of both scenarios deserve close watching.

“The four Orinoco projects, Cerro Negro (ExxonMobil), Hamaca-Ameriven (ConocoPhillips-Chevron), Petrozuata (ConocoPhillips) and Sincor (Total, Statoil and BP) with production capacity of 600,000 barrels per day and valued at more than $30 billion are the key for the oil companies to stay doing further business in Venezuela. While ExxonMobil is still in this game, (Author’s Note: Dr. Berry’s comments were made a few hours before ExxonMobil gave it up. Ah, the difference a day makes.) ConocoPhillips has decided to throw in the towel. This cannot, under any circumstance, be positive for global oil supply.

It is positive for projects in the Canadian oil sands; indeed ConocoPhillips and EnCana are cooperating in a joint venture that holds great promise for the oil sands. I think it possible that the BQI (Oil Sands Quest) resources will come under scrutiny as Venezuela forces foreign oil companies out. Where else will Big Oil replace its lost Venezuelan and Russian energy production?” (Excerpt: MORNING NOTES 6/26/2007 by Dr. Michael Berry)

As a consistent voice in opposition to the war in Iraq, it is interesting too, that Dr. Berry now supports the idea of our troops maintaining a presence in Iraq.

“This AM Iran is in the news once again. I have been a critic of the Bush Administration’s war in Iraq as you may know. Yet I try to stay away from politics, religion, and emotional issues (such as Global Warming). …………..
Today the New York Times reports that the quality of life in Iran is falling so quickly that a large part of the population, younger people in particular, are revolting. ………….

 In an ironic twist of fate, it could be disastrous for the US to pull the troops out at this point. The Saudis realize this of course. In the meantime the religious and geopolitical risk premia are “hotting up.” I expect gold and precious metals to react accordingly. I expect the quality of life cycle to prevail in Iran just as it did in China following the Cultural Revolution. It is the near term future that is more uncertain.” (Excerpt: Morning Notes June 25, 2007 by Dr. Michael Berry)

Dr. Berry has always shown his concern for the volatility of Iran. Dr. Berry, a geopolitical expert with Congressional testimonies on his resume covering world economics, is convinced that Iran is more than determined to acquire nuclear weapons as it consistently threatens to destroy Israel. Any “exchange” between the two countries is likely to be very bad and the economic effects will be felt around the world and worse in those places so dependent on oil imports.

Being consistent, I continue to call for the boycott of Citgo gasoline. It is the smallest amount of support anyone could provide for American business, and collectively, the American people can send a signal of contempt for Hugo Chavez and his supporters. Along with the support of the American individual, the oil companies of the United States deserve the support of the U.S. Government to assist in some form of justice. How many of you would demand less if you had just been robbed by Hugo Chavez? How can Evans Oil in Louisiana continue to delay their product change?


Evans Oil                             Hugo Chavez holding HIS company’s logo flag.  



Tony G
Tony G

Mobil spent a billion dollars in Jose making a refinery to run his crappy crude. He's going to keep it. I believe XOM will try to negotiate some kind of settlement or compensation for it. They want to stay out of world court if possible. If they can negotiate they may get something. I don't think Chavez would abide by a world court decision. His crude from Jose has no value to most refiners, they can't run it. Too many corossive materials in it and it's very sour and heavy. If he tries to sell it to the wrong people they'll be looking for him when their refineries burn down. I have seen the crude from Jose corrode pipe to where it was a thin as a coke can. The grace of God was the only reason the pipe did not split. If he can find a buyer he'll have to sell it bargain prices until other refiners retool for it. That could take a upwards to a year at least.


I hope so Tony, but there are some (on PLa) that would never hold him accountable, and, instead, would blame those big bad oil companies. Chavez is a thief and an enemy collaborator. He should be dealt with accordingly instead of given free reign to finance his dictatorship.

Tony G
Tony G

Hugo made a grave mistake. He'll reap what he has sown.

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