Melancon will screw us, Stormy Daniels Won’t

June 19, 2009

Charlie Melancon, who apparently has so destroyed his reputation in his own district, reportedly has his eyes on David Vitter’s senate seat. reports a statement issued on Melancon’s behalf:

“For the past five years, I have been honored to serve the people of Louisiana’s 3rd District as their Congressman. The challenges we have faced in the wake of four hurricanes and a national recession are deeply personal. I have worked to be a bipartisan leader that does not let party politics get in the way of Louisiana’s progress. I want to continue to serve. Many Louisianians have encouraged me to run for U.S. Senate next year. I am discussing this opportunity with my wife and kids and will be making an announcement in the coming weeks.”

I’m sure the constituents of his district have encouraged him but I doubt it’s to run for anything, including running for his own re-election. Melancon ran into a hostile crowd when he hosted a recent town hall meeting. From the Southern Political Report.

“But Melancon may have used up some of this capital in this right-trending district when he voted for President Obama’s stimulus package. “Instead of a Blue Dog, they call him a lap dog,” says Louisiana pollster Bernie Pinsonnat. The congressman has also run into some hostile audiences at town hall meetings in his districts.”

Now after screwing his district, he wants to screw the state… On an unfortunate note, after screwing everybody else, Stormy Daniels says she won’t screw the state. We’re more likely to get screwed by a politician than a porn star. What’s this world coming too? And why is it when somebody says they are going to vote for Stormy Daniels, the first word that comes to mind is pervert?


We definitely need to act to more clearly distinguish a conservative electorate from the Democrat Party, to make clear that there really is a difference between Republicans and Democrats. I cannot imagine how voting for Melancon would do that: it seems to me it would be more of the same "vote Republican, we look just like Democrats, only better." So far, that's worked for us about as well as it should have. We keep telling people we are a Party of conservative principles, high moral standards, and family values. Somehow, I see that being difficult to sell if we elect a prostitute/pornographer as our representative in Congress. If we do that, we won't have to worry about Melancon OR Daniels 'screwing us': we will have screwed ourselves.


Avman, We've already established what they both are, it's the price that needs to be negotiated. Lapdog melancon isn't real popular even among his constituents these days. Vitter will beat him like a rented mule...

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