Vitter Disappoints Yet Again

July 10, 2007

Though I tend to agree with Lee Fletcher, “I’d rather have 20 David Vitters than one Mary Landrieu….”, it is a sad event every time our politicians put this State in the national news for all the wrong reasons. 
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I would not call for his resignation, at this time, but Senator David Vitter will have a very hard time getting me to support his reelection. Any conservative with a “visibly” cleaner record will have a much better chance to win that election. Vitter should give more consideration to the harm he will cause by having this all dragged back out, than his political career. (Look flying pigs!! 😉 ) 

For today, I think it best to hold my “stones” for more FACTS and not make assumptions of “deviant” behavior, as some (Clinton apologists) are so quick to do. 

The only facts in this story are that this sordid affair happened BEFORE he was elected Senator, Vitter’s phone number was on a very long list, and that Vitter has apologized for SOMETHING, but for what is not known. Many “sins” are not illegal, and it (usually) takes proof to convict someone of a crime. However, to be clear, if there is proof of a crime, he should be held to the highest of standards, as all politicians SHOULD be, but unfortunately rarely are. More importantly, and typically less visible, should be the concerns of what is best for the constituency, not the career.

Common sense surely tells us that this was not about a pizza delivery, but do we even know if Vitter did the calling, or was he being called? When was the call made? How long did the call last? Was there more than one call? Would it make a difference if Vitter was making efforts for others but not for himself? What if he was just passing along information to have a “pizza” delivered for someone else? What kind of “pizza” was it, simple cheese, or a “Sweep the Kitchen”? There are so many questions that need to be answered before this glass house is attacked further.

Point being, no facts = no crime = no “stones”. Prudence demands this to avoid being labeled sanctimonious or irresponsible for making false assumptions, no matter how apparent the ignorance.

David Vitter has certainly disappointed me in the past, and for stupidity alone, has disappointed me further with his participation, no matter how slight, in yet another episode of “Typical Louisiana Politics”. This whole episode will cast a bad light on the upcoming elections. Instead of being a useful campaigner for the Republicans, Vitter has become a plague to avoid and will now be an unfortunate topic to be used against all Republicans. In expected (and deserving) retaliation, Republicans will remind us all of the worse misjudgements made by a sitting President. Politics will get even more ugly for the voters.

Instead of a powerful conservative to lead much needed immigration reforms, Vitter’s effectiveness will disappear, while his time will likely be spent defending his contrition and trying to regain a semblance of respect. Many will say that this alone is reason enough to resign immediately, but the most informed, and hopefully morally guided, will have to make that decision.


Alvyn Ragan
Alvyn Ragan

I will not support Vitters any more He is a disgrace. Vitter is suppose to be above reproach when leading this Nation. Vitters needs to resign because his creiditability has been destroyed by his lust.


David Vitter should at least live by his own words and resign.He has called on others to resign , like when he said Bob Livingston should resign for the same thing.

Tony G
Tony G

I'm not a Vitter fan by any means however the difference between him and Clinton is that he owned up to it when he was caught. Clinton tried to lie his way out of it. Either way you're going to dance to the music.

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