Viva El Trump -oh!

August 1, 2015

Say it ain’t so, Donald Trump has the highest favorable ratings of all GOP candidates when it comes to Hispanics? The bottom of that barrel was Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, and Ben Carson. Ben Carson is understandable because¬† he’s relatively unknown outside of Tea Party circles. Wait, Huckabee is in the race… AGAIN? But as a half Latino myself and as somebody who spent his entire life around Latinos, please allow me to give you some insight.

You see, I don’t care about making my skin tone an issue. I am proud of my heritage. It’s a part of who I am, but it’s only a part of who I am not the definition of who or what I am. I’m proud of what I am, but it makes me no better and it makes me no worse than anybody else. It’s just a part of who I am. I am also an American, and I am that before I am Latino.

Latino men, however, tend to be very macho. When young kids get “jumped in” to gangs, it’s usually one against five or six. That one must physically fight back while five or six other guys are hitting him. It doesn’t last very long and he’s expected to lose. The reason he must be jumped in to a gang is to show that he’s got “heart”. This isn’t a gang mentality, it’s a Latino mentality. There is an old saying about Latinos “you can’t fight one bean without fighting the whole pot”, meaning that fighting one means you end up fighting a bunch of Latinos. But there is the other side of it, Latino men will not shy away from a fight even if they are outnumbered. Latinos tend to have a lot of heart.

He’s Got Heart

When Katt Williams was in Arizona, he was heckled by a guy who was saying “F#(K America”. Katt Williams responded with telling a female dog that if they loved Mexico, move to Mexico. A lot of Latinos were upset with this, and understandably so if they didn’t know the entire story. Williams refused to apologize for telling somebody to move to Mexico stating “If a person starts their heckling with ‘f’ America, then that gives me the right to defend my country,”. Apparently his publicist issued an apology on his behalf, but Katt Williams would have none of it and insisted that he would not apologize.

In that moment, I respected that man. Katt Williams was a man. Katt Williams has heart. Donald Trump, he’s got heart. Can you say the same for any of the other candidates Republican or Democrat? I don’t have to agree with Katt Williams, I don’t have to agree with Donald Trump, but I can respect them both. You see, when a man says what he means and means what he says and doesn’t back down… there’s respect in that.

He doesn’t pander

The one thing that Democrats excel at is condescending racism. The Republicans trail in this department, but they are trying to become as condescending racist as the Democrats are. If illegal immigrants are coming to America because they want jobs, why are so many politicians trying to line illegal immigrants up with free benefits? And how many jobs have any of the candidates given to Latinos? My guess is that on average, a typical Presidential candidate in either party has employed 3 Latinos. One to take care of the garden, one to be the maid, and one to translate.

Donald Trump has probably had more Latinos on his payroll than the entire Congress combined. Yet, all of these people in D.C. think they know Latinos. They are bending over backwards to cater to Latinos in America, and every time they open their mouth to pander to Latinos, it’s all about “illegal immigration”. Here’s a shocker, I’m not an illegal alien. Here’s another shocker, neither are Latinos who can vote. Why on earth do the Washingtonians insist that I care more about illegal immigrants than I do about my own job and putting food on my own table? And why on earth would I want to make it easier for the drug cartels to come into the country illegally and undetected? There are a lot of Latinos that are in this country legally, let’s worry about making their lives better, let’s worry about making all American’s lives better, and stop worrying so much about people who can’t even legally vote.

I can respect Jeb Bush in that his wife is Latino and that he can speak the language, but it’s insulting that politicians insist that I want to be pandered to like a five year old child. I do not want welfare and I certainly do not wish for a free ride. I do want to be treated equally and fairly. When politicians pander to Latinos, they are not treating us as equals, and their policies are not fair.

He’s Fair

Pretend you have $200,000 in cash and you can approach any Presidential candidate in the last 20 years with the goal of doubling that. Which candidate would you choose? I’d choose Donald Trump and the reason is this, Donald Trump would take my $200,000 and turn it into a million. Sure, he’d keep $400,000 for himself. Only in Washington would this be considered unfair, but the reality is that I wanted Trump to double it and instead he tripled it. Why would I be upset that he kept $400,000 for himself? Only in Washington would it be considered unfair. Then again, the people in Washington would look at my $200,000 and insist taking as much from it as they could, give me nothing in return, give that money to their friends, and call that fair.

See Donald Trump has made a career out of making fair agreements. Every business transaction is the result of mutual agreements, including paychecks. In politics, success comes from being deceptive, but in business, success hangs on your ability to keep your word.

Donald Trump appeals to minorities because he is manly. He’s going to tell me what he’s thinking, he’s going to be man enough to be honest, he’s going to treat me equally, and he’s going to treat me fair.


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