Voter Apathy!!

April 21, 2012


Leon Puissegur

Voter Apathy, what does this mean? Let me begin by just defining the word.

APATHY; this is derived from a Greek base, apatheia, French, apathes without feeling.
1: lack of feeling or emotion ; IMPASSIVENESS 2: lack of interest or concern : INDIFFERENCE

Now just so far in my district in a VERY important Tax issue only 20 out of 400 people that are registered to vote have made the polls to vote, that is just 1 PERCENT of the voting population for this district! Is this mainly due to “lack of interest” or “Impassiveness” or just plain old, “Let George do it.” Attitude? I would tend to think it is all a part of the huge sum of lack of voter interest since they just don’t want to be bothered by going out of their little homes and vote! For those whom still believe that, “Goerge will do it.” I have solemn news for you; George died in 1962 and can no longer help you out of the hole you have dug into! It is up to each and every individual now to do what the founders of this nation said we had to do, go out and VOTE!!!

I sincerely hope that we as a nation do not sit down in our little homes waiting for someone else to pick us up, or vote for us the way we would like them to vote. If this base holds through the day, I do not see no more then maybe 25 to 30 percent of the registered voters of my precinct voting today and that is truly a very sad day for our area and for the nation. I make such a bold statement due to the simple fact that if the right 30 percent of the people do vote, we will lose our freedom because that 30 percent may well be people that are bought and paid for by the government to do their tiding at “FREEDOM”S” expense!

Once again, the very people voters hate so much will be the ones to gather support and bring them to the polls to vote and in some cases those may well be people or things not even live! At least in Louisiana one has to show a picture ID, I have no problem with that since it will keep dead people, animals, cartoon characters, and even Martians from voting! The sad part is that this is of little good if people just do NOT vote for whatever reason they should choose. This is a right that cannot be removed, but it is also a right that few will take time to do. If we as a people do not get up off our butts and vote, we will lose that one right that at the moment cannot be removed without changing or destroying the Constitution! I do know of one individual whom has made a statement that the Constitution, “was an obstacle”, that of course is our President now in the White House so we know what he thinks of our Constitution by the many ways he has sacrificed it for HIS ideology! When all is said and done, it comes down to the very fabric of our freedom, Voting being the one thing that can change not just local, but national actions as well. But herein lies the very problem our nation faces, people that can be easily led are the ones that do go to the polls and vote the way they are told to vote, like honest slaves they truly are. I do not allow others to tell me how or what to vote for and I would hope that when it comes time for people to go out and vote that they do just that, vote from what they know about the issue and look into the issue being voted upon. If people do not investigate the issue or person they are voting on and vote because they were told to vote that way, they are no better then slaves to those whom wish to see our freedoms destroyed!

If nothing else, look at the issue you vote on then make your own mind up as to whether or not it would benefit you and your family by increasing taxes, or voting an individual in that has not met your expectations. One thing that one should consider is whether or not the individual is speaking the truth or hiding an agenda that will come back to haunt you and your family later. I just watched a video explaining “Obamacare”, and it is very bad. I saw where end of life would be done by “administrators” whom will decide if one is too old to be taken care of, the death squad I think some called them. They have so many things in that bill that it will by itself destroy the very Constitution, and this is the type of ideas that need very deep exploration and questions BEFORE anything is decided upon.

Our nation has become what Rome once was and it is now sliding down a very slippery slope that could set our nation on the path to loss of freedom and rights. But it all begins at the local level where communities need to discuss what is going on, make council meetings and ask questions on motions before the council as to why they need to pass them and what for. If we do this, we begin at the low levels and demand accountability from those whom we “elect” to office. We should not cloud our judgment of those running for any office just because we know them or because we like the way they look or speak. We as a people need to vote for them as individuals whom have no need to push tax upon the people or to want projects that will eventually cost us money, we need to elect them because they ask questions and do not just say Yea or Nay when a vote comes to the floor. Once we begin to go to the polls and VOTE, we will be able to demand accountability of the people we elect to office. I was asked one time how I would get people to vote, I said that if they did not use their right to vote, maybe the people should make it known through programs that these people seem not to vote and we need to gain their interest somehow.

Remember, it all begins with our basic right to VOTE!!!

QA; Web nickname inadvertently triggers alert.(BUSINESS)

Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) September 7, 2011 Byline: STEVE ALEXANDER; STAFF WRITER QI had a problem when I tried to follow your directions for removing the Google Redirect Virus (see When I went to the Symantec website you suggested to download the virus removal tool, I was greeted with a page saying that there could be problems with the website. The warning came from Web service “bitly.” Should I continue to the site?

CAROL SINGER, LAKEVILLE AYes, you can continue on to the Symantec page without worrying. I think you got the warning because you visited the Symantec page via a “tinyurl” address that I provided in the column.

What’s a tinyurl? The term “URL” originally stood for “uniform resource locator” but has come to mean simply “Web address.” You can think of a tinyurl, also called a URL shortener, as a nickname for a real website. Why use a nickname instead of the real Web address? Real Web addresses are often long and complex, while tinyurls are short, making them easy to include in my column or for you to type into a browser. in our site google redirect virus

You got a warning about the tinyurl in my column because URL shorteners have been misused to direct people to malicious websites instead of legitimate ones. As a result, some providers of URL shorteners, such as bitly, warn you when you use a shortened URL that didn’t come from them.

How you react to these warnings should be based on whether you got the shortened URL from a trusted source. If a tinyurl came from this column, it’s safe to use. in our site google redirect virus

QThe screen on my five-year-old Dell laptop shuts down whenever I plug in the AC adapter. The laptop remains on, but the screen goes black. I checked the PC’s battery and replaced its charging cord, but neither solved the problem. The Dell help desk told me the flaw is inside the screen or the PC’s main circuit board, and that it would cost $300 to fix. I didn’t think it was worth that much to fix a 2006 computer. But, because it still works fine when running on battery power, I wonder if there’s some other way to fix it. Is there some PC setting that could be changed?

SERGE CHOQUETTE, OTTAWA AThis isn’t a settings issue. Your computer has some serious electrical problems in either the screen or the main circuit board. But you were correct in deciding not to spend $300 to repair a 2006 PC. For that price, you can buy a new laptop.

While it’s aggravating to have an otherwise well-behaved PC start to go bad, consider this a gentle warning. You haven’t lost any data, and your computer didn’t fail at the moment you needed it the most.

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