Walking on Egg Shells?

October 27, 2007

After four years of a great void of leadership, Louisiana finally has a Governor. Governor elect Bobby Jindal takes the reigns of the state and one of his first moves is to reach across the aisle to Democrats. I understand why Bobby would want to reach across the aisle to Democrats, because after all, they’ve never taken cheap potshots at his name, nor have they taken cheap shots at his religious beliefs, his color of skin. No not the Democrats, they are just so tolerant of Bobby Jindal the person.

No I understand because Bobby Jindal wants to be the Governor of all the people of Louisiana, despite how Democrats have treated him in the past, and I do believe in giving people a second chance. With that being said, Governor Jindal’s administration ought to remember that this was the same strategy, stratergery, that the Bush administration tried, and looked how well it worked for him. I admire Jindal’s administration for braving these dangerous waters, but they need to remember, the Democrats don’t like him and they never will.

I certainly hope Jindal’s administration doesn’t try to reach across partisan lines so much that he forgets about the people who voted for him. Whenever elected conservatives try this, they put a knife in the back of their supporters, and a find a knife in their own back by the very people who the ended up trusting.

Politics is funny like that. Remember how the first President Bush promise not to raise taxes through an agreement with the leaders of a then Democrat led congress? He turned his back on us, and the Democrats put a knife in his back by using that tax increase against him during the 1992 election.

The second President Bush let Senator Ted Kennedy write the ‘No Child Left Behind’ bill and the Democrats are the ones who scream the loudest that it’s leaving children behind. To make matters worse, when a fellow conservative would find their selves in trouble, Bush would often abandon them, all the while insisting that we did not make an issue of Democrat wrong doing.

I understand Jindal wants to reach across partisan lines, but if he does it too much, he’ll find himself in the same predicament as President Bush, a 30% approval rating.


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