Wall Street Protests

October 10, 2011

We see the protests against Wall Street every day now and Many say yes this may well be great. Is it Really? Look at the support of these protests, they are NOT very interested in the rise of the poor people or of people being able to gain their dream by “working” for what they obtain. Check out the supporters of this “protest” and you then find that most of the supporters are part of either the Socialist or Communist parties. Van Jones the most affluent man of the Communist Party in the United States has supported this “protest’ with both money and support by electronic communications. Then one can find the other Socialists organizations that support this “protest” by just watching the news and seeing their signs displayed all over. One of them is the Democratic Socialist Party, another group that wants to “take from the rich” until they are as poor as the poor. You will also see signs from Moveon. Org, yet another group that supports Socialism/Communism, and is bought and paid for by George Soros who hates the United States and would love nothing more then to see the United States fail!

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Now just what could these Socialist/Communist groups accomplish by having the United States fail? This answer is one that has ramifications of which many people would not like, especially those whom are now in pretty fair finical conditions. You see if the United States fails, then those who have money will survive, but those in what would have been the middle class would lose almost all they got because their wealth would be taken away from them and given to those who don’t want to work but want all the benefits of work. Those with big money would not have anything to fear because they would just leave the nation to some other place where they could keep their money. The United States would be like Russia, with only two classes of people, the very rich and the poor. Those now “protesting” Wall Street are doing so under the guise that Wall Street is making way too much money and those “protesting” are demanding that they GIVE that extra money to them so they could have free school, free lunch, well, everything for nothing! They want to be “entitled” to all they can get and they want Wall Street and the rich to pay for all of that.

Now if these SOCIALISTS/COMMUNISTS have their way and get there “protest” recognized as that of the people, then what they are demanding would have a strong possibility of receiving what they ask for at the expense of those whom have “EARNED” their riches by working for them! Now some will state that the Socialists/Communists are not behind these “protests”, but that would be a huge mistake in even considering, especially since the Democratic Socialists Party, of which over 70 people in Congress are part of. To give you an idea of just who is a current member of the Democratic Socialist Party, the following people are but a small part of the over 70 members of Congress whom are part of the Socialist Democratic Party; members such as;
Vice Chairs of the Socialist Democratic Party

Sheila Jackson-Lee, Texas – 18
Dennis Kucinich, Ohio – 10
Mazie Hirno, Hawaii – 02
Diane Watson, California – 33

Senate Members of the Socialist Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders, Vermont

House Members of the Socialist Democratic Party
Not all will be shown, just the BIG names of House Congress persons.

Neil Abercrombie, Hawaii – 01
Steve Cohen, Tennesse – 09
John Conyers, Michigan – 14
Barney Frank, Massachusetts – 04
Alan Grayson, Florida – 08
Jesse Jackson, Jr., Illinois – 02
Ed Markey, Massachusetts – 07
Eleanor Holmes-Norton, – DC-AL
Charles Rangel, New York – 15
Bennie Thompson, Mississippi – 02
Maxine Waters, California – 35
Henry Waxman, California – 30

Like I stated, these are bragging people that they are part of the SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!! Now just how can one sit back and think of voting people into Congress whom have their ideas planted in the Socialist programs where they want to have the rich give up their money and their riches and give them to those who are out on the streets “protesting”! Just how reasonable is this? Why should any individual give up what he has worked very hard to obtain through strong work and education. Those are not the people you will see at these “protests”. Look closely at some of the signs the “protesters” are using and you will see the same type of ideas that have been seen in the Middle East, they want as much as they can for nothing.

A lot of the “protesters” hold signs saying to stop the corporate greed and ask that those corporate people. A lot of these “protesters” state they are very “progressive”, which is another way of stating that they are Socialist/Communist. They are demanding that the top one percent of people support the other 99 percent of the people. Be very careful of these people because they are using statements from people such as Karl Marx, and many other type of Socialist/Communist organizations. They always say they love the United States, but they are always saying that “capitalism does not work, yet it is Capitalism that has brought our nation to where it is. If we look back at what has happened since the 2008 elections, we will see where the government has gotten into more businesses then at anytime ever before. We as a people must become totally aware that those now “protesting’ are a paid, organized group from the supporters of the Socialist Democratic Party, the United States Communist Party, Moveon.org, a totally funded organization paid for by George Soros, a man who would like nothing better then to see the United States fail!

The Wall Street “protesters” are not “protesting” a fair and equal balance where if one works hard they can obtain all they can. These “protesters” want the rich to pay for benefits that they have NOT worked for. They want all they can obtain for nothing and not have to work for what they receive. Our nation grew under the free market and these “protesters” do NOT want a free market, they want a market that GIVES to those who do nothing! This is a move towards Socialism/Communism with a slight Marxist view. If you pay attention to some of the signs these “protesters” have, you will see some that directly quote Karl Marx, Lenin, or other Marxists/Communists/Socialists, not what our nation was born of, “FREEDOM”! Pay attention to these people, because they are out to tear our nation apart, not make it grow! Wall Street is not the problem, Washington, D.C. and the White House are the problems and the sooner we open our eyes and see this truth, the better off we will be!!!

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