Walter Boasso – Switch is Definite

April 25, 2007

Walter Boasso has once again failed to keep his word to a Republican organization, bailing out at the last minute on the Acadiana Young Republicans. That’s the kind of leader Louisiana needs, a guy who complains about ethics, but doesn’t keep his word to young members of our society that is trying to get involved in their communities. We wonder why the younger generation is so apathetic when it comes time to take part in the electoral process, but we have leaders who act like this. Is this the kind of leadership we can expect from Governor Boasso? And to think I was supporting him. Cripes, he’s definitely a hooker, I am definitely a John, because boy did I ever get tricked.
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Hitler was quoted as saying that “We must burn all bridges so that we can never go back”. It seems that is exactly Senator Boasso’s sentiment, to ensure that he alienates every last Republican supporter that he has remaining in his camp. If this is the Senator’s intention, to lose every Republican supporter he has, all he needs do is switch parties, talk like Nancy Pelosi without PMS and we’d all bolt quicker than lightning.

We have learned that Boasso will definitely run for Governor as a Democrat. The Democrat leadership, a party that loves to be lied to, will back Boasso. Look for the Senator’s announcement that he is indeed leaving the party Friday, but no later than May 7. The only question that remains is Will Foster Campbell switch parties when he looks up at Walter Boasso announcing his party switch with all those Democrat leaders standing behind him, uniting to get Boasso elected?
Call him ‘The Annointer’

Earlier David Vitter gave out an endorsement that left conservatives scratching their heads when he endorsed the very moderate Rudolph Gulliani. Vitter, a pro-life, pro 2d amendment, pro family conservative opted to endorse a candidate that stood against those values.

Today, Vitter also announced that he was endorsing one of Louisiana’s most liberal Republicans for Ag Commish, over more conservative Wayne “Spider” Carter. Vitter, a candidate who won with conservative ideas, seems to be picking up where the Republicans left off, or should I say lost all?

I suppose he endorsed Gulliani because the more liberal Arlen Specter isn’t running for President again this year. Maybe he thinks we ought to muddy the waters, be more to the left. Or maybe his mind became warped simply by staying too long in that cesspool of Washington elites. Whatever the case may be, Louisiana’s most powerful Republican is getting too arrogant.

Maybe he thinks that after his couple of scraps with Governor Kathleen Blanco, he’s indestructable. If that’s the case, then he’s overreaching. Blanco’s administration was in such disarray that even Slow Poke Rodriguez could have ran circles around her. Not even Mary “Punch the President” Landrieu is exhibiting the arrogance that Vitter is. If you have political ambitions, you’ll need to kneel down and kiss the ring of King Vitter, your candidacy has no chance without it.

I know politicians like to endorse each other, but to do so so early is to act as if your the annointer. I would ask David Vitter to endorse Louisiana Conservative Dot Com, but I’m afraid we’re conservative, so we’re disqualified from being annointed.


Avman, I just don't get why you were supporting Boasso to begin with. He was a Democrat before he turned Republican, and he's been really cozy with Kat Blanco. As for him being a "bidness man," and not a politician, well, when has that ever been an electoral winner? That was Mike Francis' pitch. It was also Mike Foster's pitch, except in his case, it wasn't true; he'd been in the Louisiana legislature (also as a Democrat) for years and years.


Nick: I absolutely agree with you about Vitter.


I'm not voting to re-elect Vitter. I'd rather just not cast a ballot if he faces a Dem. in the run-off.

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