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May 22, 2007

Okay, so I know some of you are going to go nutjob crazy on me but let me make this perfectly clear that I do not endorse any violence against immigrant of any legal status. However, being Hispanic, I have the priviledge of making fun of mojados. This should not in anyway be construed as a reflection of my personal feelings towards immigrants or even illegal immigrants.
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It’s okay folks, get it out. It’s just a game. For you liberals out there, think of it as “people expressing theirselves” like rappers who talk about “cop killers” and “slapping ho’s”, or homosexuals who expresses theirself in pride parades, or communist who express helping the poor by mass murdering anybody who disagrees with them and puttin out propaganda films.

Do not click if you are overly sensitive.

The Infamous
Shoot a Mojado

Out of compassion, we here at Louisiana Conservative would like to assist “undocumented workers” cross the border. Again, the following game is not representative of the good folks here at Louisiana Conservative, other than to say that the two sides of the debate have unleashed their own versions of what should be happening for your enjoyment.

Help the
“Undocumented Worker”


These games are cute and over the years they have been used to make fun of both sides.If you don`t like them don`t play.

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