Wat if Herman Cain Won, Who Would be His Veep?

March 11, 2011

I want to have a little fun since the GOP Presidential Primary is so wide open, as candidates announce I’m going to write articles on each of them as though they were likely to win the race and who they should pick as their VP. I’ll start with Herman Cain since he was the first to jump in and I’ll move forward from there with future article on each candidate.

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Herman Cain, CEO, Mathematician, Radio Talk Show Host, and Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City; these are amongst the many titles this Extraordinary man from Georgia has had over the years but he’s not through, because if he gets his way he’ll add President to the list. No one doubts his economic prowess or his true-conservative, core principles but that alone probably will not be enough to carry him to victory in November 2012 should he actually pull off the impossible and receive the Republican Party’s Nomination; he’ll need a proven, solid leader as a running mate. Just as Reagan in 1980 came to power in a Conservative sweep of the Nation he needed the backing of a reliable running mate that could moderate the ticket and provide some foreign policy prowess, so too does Cain need, in my humble opinion, a white, moderate-governor with foreign policy or other national security expertise and preferably from a non-southern state. This could be just what we need to have a second Reagan Revolution and there are plenty of options for the Candidate to consider amongst the most notable are:

Jeb Bush-Brother of our last President, Jeb is a popular two term former governor from the critical swing State of Florida. Fluent in Spanish and married to a Latina, Jeb is considered one of the Party’s most knowledgeable leaders on issues relating to South and Central America. Unlike his older brother, Jeb is considered an articulate orator and would be a good fit for Cain. But Jeb is far from perfect, he does suffer one major and very prominent flaw and that is his last name, Bush. So I must ask, ”Would this become a deal breaker for the American People?”

John Huntsman-Articulate in Mandarin Chinese, learned during his time in the nation as a missionary, Huntsman’s most recent occupation was as Ambassador to China. A former Governor of Utah, huntsman on paper looks to be a nice fit for our nominee. But not all is as good as it seems, for Huntsman has worked for Obama since 2009 which could ultimately be his downfall not only in being selected by Cain. Some would also add the fact that he is Mormon to the list of negatives and to an extent it probably is, but I believe with a strong Evangelical on board as well voters will look the other way on this issue.

Rudy Giuliani-America’s Mayor, best known for his solid leadership in the aftermath of 9/11 and prior to that his overhaul of New York City turning it from a filthy haven of crime to a wonderful place to vacation. Rudy certainly epitomizes strength in uncertain times and could provide some real balance to this ticket. On the other hand, Rudy’s day seems to have passed, in 2007 he dominated to polls for the Presidential Primaries but ultimately limped out after losing in Florida, the real question is “Does he still have America’s respect?”

Tom Ridge-Army combat Veteran who received the bronze star for valor, business executive, two term governor of the purple state of Pennsylvania, and our Nation’s first Director of Homeland Security Ridge certainly has the right resume to run with Cain and be a major asset. But he did serve under his time as Secretary of Homeland Security under the controversial Bush administration.

Others that do not perfectly fit my ideal background but could still prove to be great assets include; Joe Lieberman, Duncan Hunter, and Tom Tancredo.

Undoubtedly, Cain is a true longshot who suffers from little name recognition and no political experience (aside from his failed 2004 senate bid), Cain’s conservative form of populism could surprise us all and even if he does become nothing more than a footnote in history he’ll certainly spice up the debate and provide us a little fun imagining, “What if?”

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