We Are Your Overlords

June 14, 2008

“We are your overlords.
On we sweep with threshing oar,
Our only goal will be the western shore.
So now youd better stop and rebuild all your ruins,
For peace and trust can win the day
Despite of all your losing” Immigrant Song — Led Zepplin

The nominees for ‘Best Opponent of the Legislative Pay Raise’ are…

Louisiana Action Council for “Car SB 672, Where Are You?”

Moon Griffon and the Louisiana Radio Talk show hosts for “The Gripes of Wrath”.

Ann Duplessis for “A Thinking Green Too Far”

Jim Tucker for “The Madness of Speaker Jim”

Bobby Jindal for “What About Bob?”

And Chad Rogers for “Chaddo’s Web”

And the Winner is… Jim Tucker for “The Madness of Speaker Jim”

I have to admit, I’m half way afraid of ever running for office. I don’t think that I can pass the stupid test. Seriously, is there some law, especially in Louisiana, that requires our elected officials to check in their brain before they take the oath of office? You’d think that one of them would pick up on the stupidity that’s constantly being displayed around here and say, ‘Gosh, that was pretty retarded‘. Instead, they look at stupidity by other politicians and think ‘oh look at him, he’s getting his name in the paper, I gotta think of something stupid to do too.‘ and POOF, there they go doing something stupid again.

Let me say this again for the record, I AM NOT AGAINST A PAY RAISE FOR THE LEGISLATORS. Jim, even a so-called extremist such as myself can understand reason and be reasonable. In fact, I’m going to go through a few words in a bit, but first, here’s some things that I, a citizen of the of this state understands.

I understand that the pay raise should not go into effect until the next term, isn’t there a rule to that? I also understand that teachers, firemen, and policeman have had pay raises since 1980 and are significant percentages, but I also understand that in 1980, minimum wage was $3.35 and has only increased 99% since then. I’m not arguing for an increase in the minimum wage, but why should the legislators being getting such a higher increase over them?

I also understand that we are in tough times, that people are running out of gas. I know, I’ve seen them walking with their gas cans. I know people are struggling to put food on their tables because our elected officials would rather raise taxes on gas and watch the Chinese drill off of our coast. Employers are also feeling the pinch of high gas prices and are unable to give their employees a wage increase. They are now running the risk of losing employees who can no longer afford to work. Our economy is at a breaking point ladies and gentlemen, and what our state legislature offers us is a repeal of the Stelly Bill to take effect next year while their own pay increases take effect next month.

Here are some words that our legislators ought to learn about:

In the private sector, should one vote to give their self a pay raise without their employers permission it’s called embezzlement, in the Louisiana Legislature, it’s called a pay raise. Like most embezzlers, this was sliding through the back door, towards the end of the session when people weren’t paying attention, but what’s sickening is the hostility towards the Louisiana public when they started to catch on.

Responsibility and Trust is what the general public delegates to elected officials when they put them in office. It is incumbent upon elected officials to be responsible with the power delegated to them by the public, to first not interfere with the liberties of the people, but to act in the general welfare of the state, not of the individual. The Louisiana public trusted you, and their trust has been violated.

Self Serving is to take action in the interests of ones self. Could somebody please tell me how a 300% pay raise serves in the interest of the general public?

Reasonable Not extreme, can be swayed, is interested in doing the correct thing.

Certainly there are many words that I am forgetting to add here that would apply to the state legis. Too many, in fact, to finish this posting and quite frankly, keep it clean.

It seems to me that if I were a state legislator who felt the need to for a pay raise, the two people I’d be maddest at would be the bill’s sponsor Ann Duplessis and House Speaker Jim Tucker. Why should they be mad at the people? After all, wasn’t it the people who were kind enough to give them this job they said they wanted? Had Ann Duplessis made the bill more reasonable, ie, no more than doubling the salary, to take effect after the next legislative election, and not tied into the most self serving group in America own pay raises, the bill would have stood a great chance of passage without much challenge from the people. Instead, Senator Ann Duplessis has put at risk a pay increase with her own greed. Ann Duplessis’s bill was so filled with greed that any reasonable person would have to vote against it.

Jim Tucker’s actions were by far and away and continues to be the dagger in the heart of the pay raise for the legis. When I first read the Speaker Tucker had told the Jindal administration that if he vetoed the pay raises than anything Jindal sent to the legis would be ‘dead on arrival’, I read it as advice from a political ally. As Jim Tucker lashed out at people who were opposed to the extravagant pay raise, I realized this was coming from arrogance. He rules, and the legislators are our overlords.

Jim Tucker’s grasp over Louisiana was quickly being pried out of his hands, so he tried to move the vote up before any more votes were lost. It was too late by Friday morning as too many votes had been lost. In order to save the bill, Jim Tucker had to then postpone the vote until the bill was amended enough to win back the votes. The Senate had warned the House, “If you amend the bill, the bill is dead.” In other words, the Senate told the House, ‘it’s all or nothing.’.

But just before the final vote took place in the House, Speaker Jim Tucker berated anybody who was against the pay raise as “extremist” and lashed out at bloggers (re: Louisiana Conservative and The Dead Pelican) who posted Ann’s car. Is Jim Tucker arguing for a pay raise or a pay cut? Is he trying to make as many enemies as possible?

Well, here’s my response to that: “My apologies, I thought you were holding public office, not a private office. Perhaps it would be wiser of me to take pictures of the homes of the people who support the bill and take a look through public records and see how much the value of their homes are and post it so everybody can see just how poor they are? Would that be more reasonable?”

Who’s working for who again? What gives with this “We are your overlords” approach coming from the House and Senate?

I’d be more than happy to let any of the legislators take a question and answer session on the pay raises. I will be fair, I will quote you verbatim, and I won’t cut and edit it into 2 second sound bites. What you say is what you say, feel free to explain your position to the readers of Louisiana Conservative.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so please allow me to simplify my response to a thousand words.


The car of SB 672’s sponsor

Look Jim, if you want certain bloggers to just look the other way while legislatures benefit at the people’s expense, switch parties. I can give you a list of left wing bloggers in Louisiana who will completely ignore this selfish act of the legislators and blame it completely on Jindal. They’ll be your propagandist and they’ll do it on a daily basis. But we at Louisiana Conservative are not party propagandist like certain left wing bloggers are, we are for conservative values. We know what we believe in and we’ll stand by it, regardless of which party it comes from. Just because you’ll put your credibility on the line doesn’t mean we have too.

Quite frankly, I’m sick of this argument that pay raises are the only way to get qualified people to run for office. Each one of the legislators who made that argument are also arguing that they their selves are unqualified because had they been qualified, they wouldn’t have ran for the office due to the pay. The other side of it is simply this, when people feel like they are underpaid in their jobs they quit.

Ladies and gentlemen of the House and Senate, I submit to you the opportunity to stand by what you’ve told us. You can copy this and send it out on your letter head if you’d like, or you can fax it to any number of news outlets, I know I’d be more than happy to post it.

If you stated that you want to see more qualified people running for office.

Dear Constituents of ________ District ____,

It was my honor and pleasure to serve you these past __________. I have had the support of many familiar faces as well as many new faces and I appreciate the hard work and support you have given to me during my time on the campaign trail and in office. However, I feel that we need more qualified people running for office and I have come to the conclusion that in order for us to have that, we must get unqualified people out of office. Therefore, I am stepping down from my position immediately to make available this seat to somebody who is qualified to hold this office. I encourage you to raise the legislative pay raise to an amount that would encourage qualified people to run for office. And my dear constituents, next time, please be more careful about who you vote for, we don’t need any more unqualified people in office.


Or if it is because the pay raise is definitely needed.

Dear Constituents of ________ District ____,

It was my honor and pleasure to serve you over the past ___________. However, many things have changed since last November and I can no longer afford to serve as your ________. I feel that it is best that we raise the legislative pay raise to take effect after this term is finished but in the mean time, might I suggest that you vote for somebody who can afford to do this job?

I have come to know many of you over the past _________, and our constituent-legislator relationship has been wonderful but I think the time has come for us to be just friends.

A million thanks for your past support.


You have plenty of options, I’d suggest you take them.


Is there a place you can go to read a disclosure of how much personal income these poor leglislative souls make in their regular jobs? If not, why not?


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