We Have A Sneak Peek Into Sicko

May 16, 2007

This little bickering between Republican Presidential candidate Thompson and Fictiomentarist Michael Moore is nothing like Rosie Trump, but it is capturing my attention nonetheless. As many of you are aware, Michael Moore has recently challenged Thompson to a debate and Thompson responded with a must see video. More importantly, we believe we have a sneak peek of Michael Moore’s upcoming Fictiomentary “Sicko”, in which Moore took several 9-11 “heroes” down to Cuba to get better healthcare. So without further ado, he is a sneak peek into Sicko by Michael Moore.

At this time, we are still trying to confirm if the following stills are actually going to be in the upcoming release. However, we can confirm that these are stills from Cuban Health Facilities.

A Cup a Joe and a floor of crap

Nothing like getting up and at em after surgery

Waiting for my HMF to approve a bed.
(Health Managed by Fidel)

Ah a nice bed, thanks Senor Moore, can I get sheets next time? As if Michael Moore would actually care about spending $5 dollars on sheets for this guy. He’s too busy making a fortune ignoring facts.

Here comes the Ambulance! There is a lot of leg room!

A shining example of healthcare for all the world to see

Healthcare that even Dr. Che would be proud of!

Photos from Therealcuba.com and they have so much more there. And, as promised, I would link to Fred Thompson’s reply to Michael Moron. Watch, laugh, and learn how to deal with ubbalibs. Didn’t Governor Kathleen Blanco drop everything to meet with Fidel, but wouldn’t meet with that mean President Bush?

On a more serious note, we hope that you will not be so easily duped by politicians who promise you everything, but deliver nothing. Michael Moore’s Sicko

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Brian Stoltz
Brian Stoltz

These photos from Cuban hospitals are truly disturbing. But what is even more disturbing is that these people are still getting better health care than the Bush regime is giving 911 workers - the reason that American Hero, Michael Moore went to Cuba.


LOL! Now THAT is an effective rebuttal to Michael Moore. It actually addresses the issue in question and refutes Moore's argutment. This is far more persuasive than lighting up a cigar and talking about a Cuban mental patient. Nice work!

G. Weightman
G. Weightman

Isn't that James Carville underneath the Che poster in the bottom photo? About to get the old prostate checked, I guess.


I wonder why Blanco has not been showing that picture of her and Fidel hugging.Maybe she sold that picture to Michael moore so he can use it in film. It does the heart good to know the left wants to bring this type of living to our country.

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