We Must Resume Support of Domestic Businesses

December 3, 2007

The following Letter to the Editor was published in response to last week’s Daily Advertiser opinion regarding our state’s catfish industry being under siege by cheap Chinese imports.



We Must Resume Support of Domestic Businesses 


The catfish industry is just the beginning of a growing problem with current U.S. trade policies. American consumers appear to want all products as cheap as possible, regardless of the real cost. Yet, they act surprised when we discover rat poison in our dog food, high levels of lead in children’s toys and odd chemicals in our shrimp and catfish.


When looking at the decline of the manufacturing, farming and fishing industries, Americans are staring down a scary path where the U.S. produces no raw products on its own. We are quickly becoming similar to a colony for countries such as



We need to get back to supporting our domestic businesses, or one day, the United States of America will certainly be at the mercy of every other country in the world.


Nick Bouterie



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