Weiner’s Weiner and Other Thoughts

June 6, 2011

So it turns out the Weiner’s weiner really was Weiner’s weiner. To paraphrase Charlie Sheen, “He’s a Weiner, duh!”. Today, Weiner put some tear drops in his eyes, then went on television and started crying about how he regrets doing that. Of course, he won’t resign because he’s too important of a representative of the Democratic Party. There was something that bothered me, he said he was wrong to do that. Great theatrics from Weiner, maybe he’ll win an Oscar for that performance. And who knows, maybe we’ll all find out that Weiner’s weiner isn’t just in twitter pics.

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I mean, Democrats don’t believe cheating on their wife is that big of a deal, but saying it’s wrong and doing it… that’s hypocrisy worthy of the greatest scandals. So is Weiner being a hypocrite by saying that what he was doing is wrong? Oh the way Democrats change their beliefs to fit whatever the circumstance is to make Republicans evil and Democrats good seems to happen quicker than it used to.

Anyway, I always understand the Democrat view on this was that cheating on your wife is okay. Saying that it’s wrong and then cheating on your wife is “hypocrisy” and that is the great sin. I thought they were at least consistent puppets on this issue. We’ll see if they’ll demand Weiner to step down for his hypocrisy. I’m betting Democrats will find some cheap excuse for Weiner.

Deborah Wasserman-Shultz – When I think of Miami, I think of fine women in bikinis walking around beaches and palm trees. I don’t know, that’s just me. So how is it that Deborah Wasserman Schultz get sent to D.C. as the representative. After listening to her talk several times, I can only assume it’s because they wanted to send her as far away from the beaches of Miami as possible.

The sharper image; Insider tips on how to look your best right now

Pacific Sun July 1, 2003 | Anonymous You don’t want to have a bad hair day when you’re arriving in New York at the annual conference of the Association of Image Consultants International. My hair wizard in Marin did a fabulous job of giving me the great “you won’t have to do a thing to it” wash and blow dry just hours before I boarded the plane. It was gorgeous! Long, silky, with a little flip after being pulled and straightened for an hour, inching every last bit of curl out of it. “Just don’t get in the rain,” Dawn cautioned me. With confidence galore, I left behind all hair products (four of them), the extra-strength hair dryer and the extra-large diffuser. Wow, I had so much more room in my suitcase!

I took a shuttle from JFK International airport and watched the clouds grow thicker and the sky grayer. It started sprinkling. Then it came down in sheets. Well, maybe the bus will pull up under an awning at the hotel I thought. Nope. I stepped into the street and waited as the bus driver unloaded everyone’s suitcase until he got to my brown one, the one that had an umbrella stashed inside of it. I dragged my wet self into the hotel lobby and had 20 minutes to freshen up. I changed clothes, retouched my makeup, and looked at my frizzy hair and longed for my Bumble and Bumble DeFrizz.

And that’s how the AICI conference began. Two hundred-fifty image professionals specializing in all aspects of personal self-presentation including appearance, behavior and communication had gathered from all parts of the world to attend workshops. Thankfully, I sat next to a hairdresser friend of mine at the opening dinner; she agreed to perform CPR (curl prevention remedy) on my hair later in her room with a flat iron she’d brought with her.

Aside from worrying about my hair, it was a fabulous conference. Very stimulating and rich with updates and ideas, many of which I’m dying to share with you. You’re not going to hear one more word about hair until, well, maybe three paragraphs from now. go to website athleta coupon code

The workshops aren’t the only place you learn cool stuff. Here are the most impressive things I discovered OUTSIDE of the workshops.

1. There’s a bra accessory called hide-a-strap (www.FashionEssentials.com) that turns a regular bra into a racer back bra with a simple adapter that pulls your bra straps together in the back. It has an adjustable slider so you can make the straps wider or narrower as needed for each top. And it’s only $4.40 This company also has shoulder cushions for bra straps–so you don’t get indentations on your shoulders–bra extenders and bra back converters.

2. One bud had great athletic duds and says she swears by the selections at www.athleta.com. Athleta is the ultimate source in women’s athletic gear and it took going to New York to discover that the company is situated in Petaluma. Check out their Web site or call them at 888/322-5515 for a catalog. athletacouponcodenow.com athleta coupon code

3. A cool thing to bring with you when you go on a trip where you’re running all the time is an aromatherapy candle.or sachets. Introducing nice smells into a foreign smelling room can be sweet pleasures. Another room tip was to bring a little plug-in night-light to put near the bathroom so when you wake up in the middle of the night, you can find the bathroom easier.

My favorite workshop was on trendspotting and how to stay smart about fashion. Workshop leader Robert Schultz buys 500 samples each month of cool things that the companies that hire him can copy and get into retail stores in about a minute. Fashion newspaper Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) is a great source of uptrends as is Style.com.

As of yesterday, here are a few of the current trends: Kelly green, military prints, being dressed up from the waist up (a guy in a fitted pinstripe shirt) and being dressed down from the waist down (a cargo camouflage pant). Interesting pockets are big, so are “in your face” prints and fabric ties at the bottom of pants and destination Tees (Ireland, Tibet, Mill Valley). Check out store windows, Macy’s because they merchandise well, and Express because they identify key items for a season and have stacks of them near the front of the store.

OK, I promised more hair news. Ruth Roche of RARE NYC salon, the latest celebrity hot spot for all things hair and the No. 1 trainer of hair stylists in the U.S. came with her team to give the latest trends in hair.

So here’s the synopsis of hair today and hair coming in fall 2003.

1. There’s drama in color with less emphasis on “natural” and more emphasis on colors that do not appear in nature.

2. Hair styles are in these categories: ’50s glamour, ladylike, ’60s sex kitten, heavy long bangs (like a broom on the forehead), shags, wave and curl.

The best advice from the pros was to know your comfort zone and then push it to the limit. If you like short hair, then go shorter. If you like color, push it with thicker strands of highlights. Make one thing stand out–either the color or the cut. Get out of your rut and take some chances. But pack your umbrella in your carry-on.

Brenda Kinsel is a fashion and image consultant based in Marin. Her third book, Brenda’s Wardrobe Companion, is in bookstores now. Check out her Web site at www.brendakinsel.com.




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