Welcome to the Jungle

November 30, 2007

When I tell people that if Hugo Chavez would just put a bullet hole in his head, not only would make himself better looking, but he would make the world a better place as well, they often get an astonished look on their face. Not that I am encouraging anybody to go do that to any leader, nor would I do go do it myself, but I usually respond that in five years they will agree with me.
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You see, we’ve all questioned why society didn’t just assassinate Hitler, but now that we have his prototype in our midst, why doesn’t somebody now call for it? We want to play compassionate, be peaceful, ignore him, call him a mosquito in a big tent, we do whatever we think we need to do to convince ourselves that if we just ignore Hugo Chavez he’ll go away.  Ignorance is not a good thing.

I was trying to think of a good title when I wrote this when I came across a video titled ‘Welcome to the Jungle‘ with the song of the same name by Guns and Roses as the background music, and I realized that since Hugo Chavez has been the so-called President, Venezuela has been in turmoil. And while this guy has had a coup attempt on him, it seems completely unnoticed that Hugo Chavez attempted to seize power by leading a coup against the previous government.

When I call him Latin’s Little Hitler,  the only thing that I get wrong is the little part. Let’s just say while Venezuelans ae starving, there’s no shortage of food around the Chavez household.  There’s protest out in the streets, and looking at the video, it’s not just once or twice that they’ve turned violent. It can not be an understatement when I say that Venezuela is in the middle of a civil war, a civil war where the Rights of man contradict the Rights of Hugo Chavez to dictate everything that goes on in the people’s lives.

Like the rallies Hitler would give speeches at, Hugo also gives rally speeches in front of seas of red, with speckles of black peppering it. Like Hitler, Hugo led his own failed revolution and did jail time for it. Like Hitler, Hugo is building the military, interfering in countries, building coalitions, preparing for his future war. Like Hitler, Hugo is taking control of the entire country’s resources. Like Hitler, absolute loyalty is demanded, and anything short is traitorous.  Like Hitler, Hugo won’t stop until he’s stopped.

The people of Venezuela have the opportunity to vote in 69 changes to their constitution, changes that empowers one man to control the destiny of every last citizen in Venezuela. What’s so frightening is that 39 percent of the people are willing to vote yes. How low must your self esteem be to put so much faith in another man above yourself? Even if Ronald Reagan, a President that I have tons of admiration for, would have made such a proposal, I would have never support it. Reagan was a pro constitution President so he would never have made such a proposal anyway, but I could never trust any person with so much power over the country.

I know the poll numbers show that the referendum will go down in defeat, but don’t under-estimate the amount of power that Hugo Chavez has, and the amount of influence Chavez has over the poll workers. What I’m saying is pay attention Sunday evening, you won’t hear anything, nobody will. Then somebody will break the news that Chavez won his referendum, probably the National Television channel that is controlled by Hugo Chavez, then the BBC will announce it, then the media will follow the lead. There won’t be any checking of the numbers, other than by Jimmy Carter, and he’s either a willing accomplice or about as dumb as the bag of peanuts in his hand.

Sunday Hugo finishes his power grab over Venezuela, and thanks in part to a former U.S. President, his war on the rest of the world begins.


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