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April 26, 2011

I was going to direct my attention to Ethanol, this week, but have changed my mind due to what is now going on with just ONE man in the Obama administration by the name of Cass Sunstein, he has been given the job as the regulatory Czar and this is perhaps the worst choice in the history of the United States should we ever recognize this as it really is being used. This one individual has more power then even the President. Cass Sunstein can at his will tell people to change the wording of the Constitution to fit the President’s agenda and guess what, no one can demand an answer from him because he answers only to a President that does not care about the United States, or the people within the borders!

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Cass Sunstein has stated that abortions can be done up to age two, and he is in control of many types of “NEW REGULATIONS”, some of which would make Adolph Hitler himself proud to say he heard of that before. Things like the change in the application for a passport. Now you have to fill out all sorts of information like, “Who was at your birth?” What religion are you?” Where have you worked at ALL times from your first job to your last one and include the dates of employment, the name of the place of employment, your supervisor and his telephone number. What does all this have to do with anything but the government taking all this information to use against you at a later date.

Who is this Cass Sunstein guy, why is he in control of such power? These questions and more should be asked and asked often because of how this man uses his power. Cass Sunstein stated that if you cannot push people toward your beliefs, you would Have to “NUDGE” them. I guess his idea of freedom is asking the government for permission to do anything! It is sad that our nation has almost fallen flat over the past two years of the present administration and this man, Cass Sunstein has his hand in all the “regulations” he can place them in. Cass Sunstein has a varied bank of ideas, but most would have been very popular during the time of Adolph Hitler, not in a “FREE” United States! But if he has his way, our nation will be closer to a Socialist State then a free state!

Ask yourself this, why do we, the people that have lived here within the nation all our life should we even need more then a driver’s license to move about this nation? Since 2009, the United States has drawn closer then ever to becoming a Socialistic state and the people have been led into the Socialist pit by a pretend leader who does not care about what really happens to them. This one man, Cass Sunstein has more power then the entire Congress and Congress itself just does not see the picture yet and if they do, they are not watching close enough. When the President can circumvent the entire Congress and Supreme Court by allowing the EPA to issue “regulations”, approved by Cass Sunstein.
Our nation was not built upon “regulations” that infringe upon our freedoms, yet this one individual seems to want this to be that way. Cass Sunstein would rather “regulate” everything that goes on in our nation rather then alow free enterprise to run it. Both Cass Sunstein and the President would rather see government control almost all phases of our lives so they can tell us what they want us to do. Is this what the United States has become, or is this the “new” United Soviet States?

The President and his administration has dealt with companies unlike any other “FREEDOM LOVING” President before him EVER! Rumors have been flying around that our President now wants to take over the Internet much like what was done in China so that anyone speaking against him can be shut down! Let me say this again, this is widely rumored, but a recent attempt to “regulate” the Internet was stopped by Congress saying no, but what does it matter, remember that Cass Sunstein is the man in charge of “regulations” so if the President tells him he needs to “regulate” the Internet, it WILL be done no matter what Congress or the Supreme Court says, it happened with Cap and Trade going through the EPA rather then listening to Congress and the Supreme Court.

When they said Cap and Trade could NOT be done Constitutionally since Congress and the Supreme Court BOTH said no to Cap and Trade, they did it anyway! Enter Cass Sunstein and the head of the EPA, now through “regulations” Cap and Trade could be done through the EPA! Is this the United States of America or is it the United Soviet States of America?

Questions MUST be asked because if we sit back and allow this type of Dictatorship to “progress”, our nation will not be FREE! A quick look at the airports of our nation show this to be so very true because now in order to fly ANYWHERE one HAS to go through Un-Constitutional searches before we can go onto a plane and yet the people act like obedient little sheep and do this without question, much like the Jewish people did before they were marched off to the gas chambers! Have we become a nation with liberties only at our homes or has that also become part of the government that now walks with a big stick ready to strike down at anyone whom would attempt to complain or ask questions about this President or those Socialists within his administration!

Today the President asked that oil companies give up their subsides, while the Ethanol companies, many within Illinois, do not have to give up there subsides! Ethanol costs twice as much to make, for every dollar of Ethanol made it costs two dollars to make. Of course, the President makes claims that are pure lies and he knows this because it is part of his plan to shut down the freedom within this nation, or so it would seem. Why ask oil companies to give up their subsides, which by the way are much smaller then those companies that make Ethanol, while companies like Ethanol companies can keep their subsides? Could it be because a lot of those plants that produce Ethanol are in or around Illinois? It may well be like General Electric that made Billions but paid no taxes, all while the CEO of General Electric sat next to the President. But don’t worry, Cass Sunstein will find or figure out a “regulation” for that!

If we as a people do not ask these bold questions and ask them now, our nation may well become a socialistic state much like the Soviet Union we hated so much where they only had two classes of people, the elite and the poor. If we look at the plans of this President, it looks very close to what the Soviets had, once you pull away the smoke and mirrors. This President asks Congress to do something and if they do not, he by passes them by issuing an Executive Order thus Circumventing Congress, the Supreme Court and anyone else that oppose his agenda! Is this the way of the United States or is it the way of the United Soviet States?

Overstock unloads inventory at auction: ; Online retailer bundles assorted goods on pallets, sells to highest bidders

Charleston Daily Mail December 19, 2011 | PAUL FOY SALT LAKE CITY – Over stock.com, the online retailer known for selling distressed merchandise, was feeling a little distressed itself. With household merchandise stacking up in a warehouse, it opened the doors Thursday for an auction of goods assembled hodgepodge that had to be bought together on pallets.

Overstock was overstocked.

“We call it revenue recovery,” said Carroll Morale, a vice president of supply chain, who said Overstock had already written off the mostly returned goods as a loss and was happy to get anything back.

More than 600 people registered for the warehouse auction, and many said they were bidding blindly because pallets were shrink- wrapped in black plastic and they didn’t study the manifests.

“I just came to blow some money – my wife is going to kill me,” said Joseph Kikel, a 34-year-old Layton, Utah, car salesman who bought a pallet of furniture for about 25 cents on the dollar.

Kikel spent $350 for a leather chair, a dresser, an entertainment center and padded bench. He wasn’t certain what he bought until he unloaded boxes in his pickup.

It was Overstock’s first auction and to mix things up, workers stacked pallets with whatever moved down a conveyor belt – “you could get dinnerware with luggage,” Morale said.

Normally Overstock arranges sales of unsold goods privately to other liquidators. The company called the auction a community service, and said it was able to empty part of its sprawling warehouse for expected holiday merchandise returns. website cyber monday sales

“A lot of it is furniture and decor, but one of my lots had a laptop,” said Karl Fackrell, a 65-year-old real-estate developer in South Jordan, Utah.

Fackrell said he paid about $2,500 – or about 20 cents on the dollar – for six pallets of goods. “I’ll sell the stuff I don’t want,” he said.

The auction was the latest innovation from a company whose innovations sometimes backfire.

Overstock “shot itself in the foot” earlier this year with a rebranding campaign as “O.co” that only confused consumers, said Daniel Kurnos, a stock analyst with The Benchmark Co.

Overstock was penalized earlier this year for setting up fake websites that linked to its own website, Google has said. During the two-month penalty time, Google pushed Overstock further down in search results. Overstock has said its revenue dropped 5 percent as a result.

And in California, the company’s efforts to avoid charging sales tax forced it to cut ties with merchandisers who generated 5 percent of Overstock’s revenue, he said. web site cyber monday sales

Overstock reported a loss of $16 million for the first nine months of 2011, compared with a loss of $1 million in 2010. The company has generated profits in only two of its dozen years in business as it tries to compete in a crowded field of Internet liquidators.

“They’re expecting growth for the holiday quarter, but they have to dig themselves out of a hole,” Kurnos said.

Overstock says things are looking up – Cyber Monday sales after Thanksgiving weekend were the largest ever for the company. The company once aspired to take on Internet goliaths, but competitors Amazon and eBay generate sales 30 or more times greater.

On Thursday, some Utah consumers were just happy to grab a quick deal and unwrap it at home.

Others who described themselves as more serious bidders were holding onto their wallets until the end of the one-day auction when they hoped to pick up stuff for pennies on the dollar.

Douglas Larson, a home renovator looking for furniture, was unimpressed by Overstock’s emphasis on the full retail value of goods.

Nobody pays full retail, he sniffed.

“So you cut that in half right away, then cut it in half again,” he said.

That was his bidding strategy, but he complained he couldn’t inspect any of the shrink-wrapped boxes of goods.

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Auction goers look over pallets of returned goods before bidding at Overstock.coms warehouse in Salt Lake City. Over 600 people registered to bid on pallets of returned items during the companys first auction of this kind.


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