We’re Becoming A Nation Of Shameless Peeping Toms

February 22, 2007

When I turned on the news at 7AM this morning I was struck by the two lead stories. Were they the war in Iraq, or the economy, or radical Islam? No. The very first story was about how wannabe rapper Kevin Federline is taking his basket case wife, Brittney Spears, to court in a custody battle. And on the heels of that story was more of the ghoulish court battle for the corpse of Anna Nicole Smith.

After those two incredibly important stories the talking news heads got around to briefly reporting on the war and on the way-too-early presidential race.

Why are the train wreck lives of two drugged out, sleazed out women getting the kind of attention that qualifies them for being a lead story on national news? Why does the media think we care about Brittney Spears shaved head or lack of panties? Why are we inundated, saturated by the salacious details of Anna Nicole Smith’s death and the doped up, salacious behavior that led up to it?

Just the other day an Imam in the Washington area said that if we get in Islam’s way they would “burn America down.” Why is that not a headline in every paper in the country? Why are we prioritizing the Jerry Springer lives of two self destructive women who most of us wouldn’t even let anywhere near our families in real life? Why does the media continue to force feed us the nasty and sometimes downright obscene details of these non-stories?

Because we watch it, that’s why. We’re becoming a nation of peeping toms, peering through the windows of our televisions with sweaty palmed glee at these semi-celebrities who’ve trashed their lives through their own folly. Our sense of shame as well as our sense of decency is rapidly disappearing or being warped out of proportion by a media that tells us over and over again that we should care about these things.

Instead of reserving stories like this for the gossip mongers like Nancy Grace or Greta Van Susteren we get the salacious details of the train wreck lives of these two over and over again in our mainstream news.

A Roman emperor, when told that the population was becoming restive over social issues, was unflustered. He said to give the people bread and circuses, feed them and entertain them, and they would ignore all else.

Our bread is our high standard of living that we are beginning to take for granted, wanting better, bigger, more. Our circuses are brought to us every day, right into our living rooms through our televisions. We’re well fed, fat and entertained and we ignore or casually brush aside the serious issues of the day like the above mentione Imam who flat out threatened us if we get in their way.

The puppet masters of radical Islam are paying more attention than we are, watching as we sink ever deeper into our fascination with celebrity sleaze. We’re ignoring them while we peep into some else’s window and they must be loving it.


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