What A Wuss!

May 17, 2008

Recently George Bush and John McCain made some comments that Barack took personally and now OSobber is crying to everybody who will listen about how mean the Republicans are too him.

Every election we hear that this is “the most important election of our lifetime” which I think “until the next one”.  What makes this election so important is that this one is the one that’s happening now, but we have a far greater chance of this being our last election rather than the most important one. Think about it, chances are fairly slim that you will die before you ever have the chance to vote, but greatly increase as each Presidential election comes and goes. As the late great Abraham Lincoln said “The cure to a bad election is the next one”, the cure to this election is the next one.

I’ve pretty much resigned myself to look forward to the Presidential candidates of 2012, and maybe Governor Jindal will be ready to make his run then.  It seems to me that this election is perhaps the worst choice of candidates in the history of the United States.

I’ll admit it, as a Republican, the candidate I’d most like to see win the Democrat nominee is closing in and pretty much can not be stopped. Barack must be the Democrat apology for regaining the House and Senate. As a conservative, I’d rather have Hillary Clinton win the nomination. You see, with Hillary, the GOP might grow some stones again an stop her from forcing the liberal agenda down our throats. With McCain, my own party would be pushing a very liberal agenda, and with Barack…

It is true that Barack Osobber can negotiate peace treaties with terrorist organizations. I’m willing to bet he can probably get six or seven peace treaties signed by the end of his first time. How do I know this? Because Israel has negotiated peace many times in the 60 years of existence, and every time Israel gets attacked, they sign a peace treaty until the next time they get attacked.

I’m sure we can cut the same agreements with terrorist organizations and the states that subsidies them, each time giving up a little bit more land, much as we expect Israel to do time and times again. I’d suggest we start with San Francisco and New York. They wanted peace so much, why not let them suffer the consequences.  Better yet, give up Washington D.C. first and let’s find out how serious the D.C. politicians are about the war in Iraq.

But I’m not going to argue for or against the war, at least that’s not my intentions. It’s simple to me really, when our founding fathers were arguing for revolution against the British empire, John Dickinson of Pennsylvania  argued tooth and nail against the revolution, refusing to give his consent, even being the only delegate who refused to sign his name to the Declaration of Independence, but once our nation decided to fight for it’s own independence, John Dickinson became a Brigadier General in the American Revolution. When a nation asks the question “Is now the time for war?” The question should be asked before or after the war, not during. It seems to me that all these people who are against the war should have made their arguments before we went to war, then back the nation when war becomes inevitable.

And despite what liberals believe, a successful war isn’t dictated by how many meals on wheels our military delivers, nor do the victors seek out peace settlements, the losers do and they do so only after they have been soundly defeated. The consequences of defeat in war dictate it so. Imagine had FDR had sought out a peace agreement when the Nazis looked like they might win during the Battle of the Bulge, or had Churchill  complained that it was time to give up instead of delivering his “Never Surrender” speech while Germany bombarded England.

Peace can be achieved with the terrorist, and again, and again. Peace can always be achieved to give them an opportunity to regroup only to attack us again at a later date.

But does Barack Osobber dare have the courage to stand up against these terrorist? Or Bill Ayers? Louis Farahkhan? Jeremiah Wright? Didn’t one Osobber campaign staffer meet with Hamas? Didn’t his wife say ‘for the first time in her life she was proud to be American? Well where the hell was she after 9-11 when everybody, Liberal, Conservative, Male Female, Religious to the Athiest, and every racial group was proud to be American? Didn’t he refuse to wear an American lapel, didn’t he refuse to put his hand over is heart during the Pledge of Allegiance, didn’t he screw up the amount of states there are in America, saying there was fifty-seven when indeed the average third grader knows there is only fifty?

And why is it that the United States should be making concessions about the war on terrorism, we did not launch the attack on 9-11, George Bush wasn’t the pilot that flew those planes into buildings despite the apparent belief of the 9-11 truthers.

And isn’t it insane to tie a bomb around yourself to kill innocent people just because you hate Jews and want to get on a fast track to 72 virgins?  Those who wish to negotiate with such lunatics are either insane or cowards.

But to say that is to attack Osobber, to call him by his legal middle name (Hussein) is to attack Osobber. For crying out loud, he’s running for President. If he wants to be our President, he needs to man up and take his criticism, or stick his thumb in his mouth and cry to his “typical white woman” of a grandmother.

If Barack can’t stand the heat, the American public will kick him out of the kitchen.

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As Michelle Malkin would say, "Call the Wah-mbulance!"


You're very kind calling him a wuss-I thought of several, more descriptive terms. Woe to the USA with thisspinelees, clueless fool being the front runner as President. While it demonstratges that Louisiana doesn't have all the stupid voters, it's little consolation...

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