What do you do when your hands are tied?

March 24, 2011

What do you do when you lose all of your battles?  Do you sit on your hands and do nothing?  Do you yell and scream and pitch a fit?  Or do you strategize and quietly plan for the moment you can win?
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The latter seems to be the choice of many of our Republican DC legislators today.  There seems to be a hesitation to take a firm stand on anything that might give the Obama campaign the ammunition they need in 2012.  If a Republican stands firm on their principles and refuses to allow this current administration to destroy and bankrupt our country, they are standing alone or with a very small minority of their fellow conservatives.  Representatives Michele Bachmann and Steve King recently found that to be true when they tried to rally Republican support to refuse this last Continuing Resolution unless it defunded Obamacare.  Only 54 Republicans sided with them to stop the government takeover of our health care system.  Of those 54, only two of our Representatives stood with them: Jeff Landry and John Fleming.  (Cedric Richmond voted correctly but I’m certain his reasons were not so noble.  It’s likely that he simply didn’t want to cut funding for liberal, wasteful programs.)  Republicans must stand together and provide a unified front that will win our battles.

Another concern our legislators have is how Obama might use any strong stand by Republicans against them in the upcoming election.  Should they ‘stick their chin out’ so that Obama can punch it in 2012?  Well, if Obama was smart, he’d be leaning more center than extreme left on the issues so that he can sway some of the vote toward the Democratic side.  He’d open drilling in the U.S., he’d compromise on the mandate in his health care scheme and he’d do more to curb illegal immigration.   I’m afraid that won’t be the case.  Obama will continue to push a farther radical leftist agenda and use any conservative move by our legislators as a slap in the face of progress.

My question is: What does a Republican have to lose by standing firm on conservative issues?  The American public is by far more conservative than liberal.  (Majority vote rather than the Electoral College would prove that to be true.)  Many voters were duped into believing that Obama could offer real hope and change.  I believe they have learned quite well that Obama’s hope and change were only for those who wish to turn from freedom toward bondage….bondage to a government in control of their lives.  And haven’t we had enough bondage in America’s history to allow it to return in the form of government?  I say Republicans and conservatives need to stand firm and stick their chin out and while they’re at it, they can stick their chest out with pride.  Those are the type of people who will win the vote in 2012.  If they don’t, they will not be ashamed.  The Founding Fathers stood against all odds and won.  Whether polls accurately reflect the wishes of most American’s, the point is that a conservative must make the most of every opportunity given them.  What we need are patriots, not wimps who are afraid.  Whether they accept the truth or not, they are at war in DC and it’s a battle worthy of standing out on a limb as long as they stand together.  Benjamin Franklin said, “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

So what do you do when your hands are tied?  You find a way to fight, while you “pitch a fit” and while you’re strategizing for when you are finally free to punch back!  And you do this with unity and organization.


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