What Does the 4th of July Mean to You?

June 27, 2012


 This article  contains approximately 1776 words in the celebration of the United States!




Leon Puissegur




Now this is really going to be an opinioned essay.  I find myself asking this question this morning because I feel that the people of the United States have lost track of what this nation was brought up from.  I feel that we as a People have lost track of what makes this nation GREAT! I for one as hopefully many others do NOT like to apologize for having become the Greatest FREE nation on earth!  I for one do NOT regret the fact, that when push comes to shove, most of the people in this great nation will stand shoulder to shoulder even with those they disagree with to protect our Freedom!  I continue to wonder why is it more important to support China through the buying of their goods when this nation, the United States, can make better toys, better machines, better equipment?  The 4th of July means to me that our nation, The United States is the Greatest nation in the world and I and none of us have to apologize to anyone for that!



I have Confederate ancestry and I am proud of that, but I am most proud to say that the 4th of July means the date that this nation threw off the shackles of being run by a king and became FREE!!!   I become very mad when I walk into a Wal-Mart or any other store and pick up a tool or some other item and see “made in China” on it.  I get extremely frustrated when I realize that people here in the United States would LOVE to make that item but our government is not worried about them.  The 4th of July this year hangs over me like a shadow of a cloudy day.  I find that many people in the United States really do not know what this date means, nor do they care.  To many it is just another day off from work so they can go out and have fun.  It is the 4th of July; the day the United States became independent of England and imperial rule!



I asked one young man about the 4th of July and what it meant to him and he replied, “It is a day off from work so I celebrate it.”  I then asked him why do we celebrate the 4th of July and not another day?  He then replied, “I don’t know, but it is a day off.”  Have the young people of this nation really forgot what this day stands for?  Maybe it is time for the older folks to sit down with the young ones and explain to them that this nation was under very hard rules under the British government and had to pay taxes to the king while none of those taxes were used here.  Maybe we should tell them that before 1776 we had but one religion and that was the religion of England and if one worshiped another religion they could be punished.  Maybe we should let them know that before 1776 if a person spoke out against the King they could be punished.  Our young Must be reminded of what this date means to our very Freedom today or it will be lost to the wrong ideology that looms ever so deeply like a dark cloud over our nation today!



The 4th of July is more then just a holiday to be off from work and yes we need to celebrate it with fireworks and cheers, but let us remind each other just what and why the 4th of July became a holiday.  It is up to those of us whom know why this date was used to inform the young children to NEVER forget that we need to protect this Freedom EVERY day, not just on the 4th of July!  We hold our ideas of Freedom to a high nature of respect and NONE of us wish to give that freedom up to anyone or any ideology, which does NOT promote the Freedom we enjoy each and every day.  The 4th of July is a day to look to the heavens and thank God for allowing this nation to celebrate this day of reckoning that gave all of us rights our ancestors did not have before this date!  When we light the fireworks to celebrate, let us remember that a great number of men died so we could light that firework.  Let us also remember that even today men and women are dying to sustain that very idea of Freedom no matter where it may be. It is our duty as Citizens of this Great nation to remind all of those around us that men and women have died to promote the very Freedom we enjoy, the Freedom to do as we wish with our land, with our ideas, the Freedom to criticize those who we place to make the laws of our nation.



On this 4th of July we must remember that it is up to each one of us to preserve the Freedom we all love so much.  We must speak out against ideas, which restrict those Freedoms.  We must question laws before they are brought to a vote.  We must demand that any and all laws are done out in the open and NOT behind closed doors.  We must demand that all politicians accept responsibility for their actions no matter what that may be.  We must demand that those in Washington, D.C. remember that they can be replaced if they do not do as the people wish.  We must hold the people in Washington, D.C. to a very high standard and if they do not meet that standard, then we MUST replace them. 


The 4th of July means we as a people should take a deep breath and look at where our nation is going.  We must remember that the 4th of July is NOT a day to celebrate a move from the Freedom we love, but it is a day to make sure our nation stays on the course of Freedom and does not vary away from the ideas of the founders of this Great nation.  We must demand that we make more items here in the United States to put more of our Citizens to work and not send jobs we can do beyond our borders!  Our economy is suffering right now and that is because we do not produce enough items here at home.  If we demand that Congress get off their butts and change the tax rates to encourage manufacturers to come back here, we can put more United States Citizens to work making products we now buy from foreign shores!



This 4th of July means to me that we should open up ALL of our energy sources, coal, natural gas, oil, and then work on developing energy that our nation can produce that does not kill millions of birds as is done with the windmills.  We can and should work to develop new sources of energy, but use what we have an abundance of now so we can develop other sources in a viable way that does not kill Eagles and millions of other bird species.  We need to figure out if solar power is even worth the time of investment due to the high cost, solar power is purely a rich mans dream and nothing more.  This 4th of July we need to remind ourselves that OUR nation has more oil natural gas and coal then the entire world has and we need to develop that first!


We as a people need to remind ourselves that if we do not Vote, we do not really have a say in what happens to our nation and to our Freedom!  We need to go to the polls and vote for people who will be true to our nation and the main reason for the celebration of the 4th of July, FREEDOM!  We must also remember that some of those now in office do not respect nor hold the Constitution or our nation in high regard.  Our nation has a great many people supporting the Socialist, Communist, and Marxist agenda of taking from the middle class and giving to those outside our nation.  Those people, some 76 people in the House of Representatives do NOT want this nation to be a FREE nation!  People like Jesse Jackson, Jr., John Conyers, Xavier Becerra, Barney Frank, Alan Grayson, Barbara Lee, Charles Rangel, Maxine Waters, and Henry Waxman, just to mention a few but all of the Socialist Democratic Party of America!  These people do NOT want the true meaning of July 4th, they wish to have a socialist state where the elite Socialists RULES people and these are the people we need to get rid of because they do NOT represent the true ideology of the 4th of July!



We as a nation MUST remember why the 4th of July is a holiday.  We must not just celebrate it on this date, we must celebrate this day each time we vote, each time we object to an idea, each time we Choose to change a law.  It is the reason for the Constitution itself.  Had George Washington not fought the British and chased them out of our nation we would not be where we are today.  If Thomas Jefferson had not sat down and written the Declaration of Independence, we would not be able to celebrate the 4th of July.  If these men and all the others that began this nation with that idea of being free and of having a government that did not intrude into people’s lives, we would not be celebrating the 4th of July.  All those men that worked on the Declaration of Independence were in grave danger of losing their very lives just by making the decision to write such an idea of that time.  It is for that very reason that we as a people need to just take a moment to remember that on the 4th of July this nation, the United States, stood against England and stated that we were a FREE nation that did NOT want to be ruled by a King!


This 4th of July is nearly as important as the first 4th of July, it is very important to remember this because our nation, the United States, is coming very close to losing the very Sovereignty we have come to enjoy.  Let us all remember this on this 4th of July and remember those that have fought for this day!   VOTE!

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