What Happened This Week… A Rant

October 20, 2013


By Mark J. Landry

I would like to give everyone a history lesson. In 410 AD the city of Rome was sacked by the Visigoths , a nomadic Germanic people. In the lead up to the Visigoths’ arrival, the general population of Rome -citizen and slave, alike- where willing to fight to the last man, woman, and child, to defend Rome -the eternal city. Yet, the elites and politicians simply opened the gate and let the Visigoth hoard in. The Sack of Rome was the pivotal event which showed the weakness of the Western Roman Empire, and lead the total end of the Empire over the next several decades. Once the power of Rome cease to be, Western Europe faced nearly one thousand years of perpetual darkness.

America faces a much greater enemy than the Visigoth hoard, and like the elites and politicians of Rome, the bought and paid-for American leadership is simply opening the gates to let the enemy in. This enemy is a faceless numerical behemoth which will cripple the economy, burden future generations, and relegate America’s greatness to the dust-bin of history, and it just topped 17 Trillion dollars.

The National debt is 17 Trillion dollars, and rising by the second. To give a perspective on the size of this number, humans have not been on this planet for 17 Trillion seconds which totals over half a million years. Yet the Congress and the President have decided to raise the debt limit -to a date not a numerical value- and fund a bloated, overbearing government, which will all turn that 17 Trillion number into 20 Trillion by 2016 -just three short years away.

The closing of that bloated, overbearing government was a Godsent. Besides the closing of a few monuments by a president acting like a prescient little child, the shutdown just furloughed people who sit behind “this window closed” signs for forty hours a week at the expanse of the tax payer. By the way, those furloughed employees will be getting back pay, and in some states unemployment checks on top of the back pay. The Government does not need to close for just a few weeks, it needs to close for a few years. Those elected -to do the will of the people- have become indignant to constituents they represent, and become embolden to represent the highest bidders to their political campaigns. As a result, Congress passes and the President signs bad laws to the hope to pleasing those who bankrolled their campaigns.

The latest government shutdown was a protest, by those law-makers with common sense, to stop the socialization of one-sixth of the economy (Obamacare). Yet, those few law-makers with common sense where excoriated, ostracized, and belittled by the most unkosher creatures to ever occupy Washington. Names like: Racist. Radical, and Terrorist where thrown around to describe those who actually listen to their constituents, and follow what is written in the Constitution. This is then coupled with the bovine excrement spouted by the alphabetical soup of misinformation givers that do their best to keep the population ignorant so the oligarchy stays firmly in power.

The Government was reopened, the debt limit was increased, by those in collusion to keep the people oppressed and ignorant, and the donors happy. The winners of this political chess match laid blame to those fighting for the people and the Constitution. And in a nutshell, nothing changed. Washington is more broken than ever, the debt is skyrocketing, and common sense has retreated to plan the next attempt to regain a foothold in government. God help us all.



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