What Happened to OUR United States?

August 18, 2011

Can anyone remember when the United States led the world in Manufacturing, Jobs, and many other ideals, which seem to have vanished since 1984? I have to go back to 1984 because that is when our Manufacturing base was feeling the first beginnings of being torn down by the very government that was supposed to help it. President Ronald Reagan began the downsizing of our manufacturing jobs and base by removing the tariffs that were placed upon most if not all the imports from foreign countries. The removal of these tariffs caused the cheap labor costs to undercut the cost of “Made In the United States”. If Ronald Reagan had not opened up what he called “Free Trade”, the closed signs began being placed upon the good jobs that were here in the United States. This brings the question, what has happened to OUR United States?

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If we look back to just a few decades, going back just 40 years and we would see that had a person left a job in 1971 he would have had a very good chance to find another job within just about two weeks at the most. We need to understand that back then, for an example, let us use some companies in New Orleans, in this city, about 6 plants actually made items to be sold to people here in the United States! But when Ronald Reagan took over as President, his policy of “Free Trade” killed at least 5 manufacturing plants in the New Orleans area that employed over 4500 people! What has happened to OUR United States?

Many will look at this and say well that was just in New Orleans, but once you looked around the entire United States, one could find a large number of manufacturing plants shut down due to the cheap labor from overseas. Many people could not believe that these companies would leave this nation and go to foreign shores to produce their goods. The biggest reason here was the cheap labor and nothing could be done about the difference of the labor wages. If India paid their workers a mere $35 a month to produce items that would cost companies on the average of up to $20 an hour for the same item, then it became clear where the companies would go to make money! What has happened to OUR United States?

We also need to look at some of the other reasons that have caused the failure of our nation. Corporations had paid fairly low taxes for their operations in the United States, in some cases as low as 10 to 15 percent, but then they shot up to 25 to 35 percent tax upon those companies that could move their operations overseas for a much cheaper tax base and labor force. This showed without a doubt that by taxing these companies at higher rates threw them to overseas to make their products. Today it is much worse because Obama wants to tax what few manufacturing companies left even more which would send even more jobs overseas! What has happened to OUR United States?
Now the question those whom have read this far are now asking and rightfully so, just how do we change this disadvantage into an advantage? This is something that under the Obama Administration will NEVER happen! Now the second question pops up, why can this NOT happen under the Obama Administration? To answer the first question; to force, using the Cass Sunstein idea of “FORCING” ideas when they are not popular, the return of at least some of these lost manufacturing companies back to the shores of the United States, our nation MUST ignore the high taxes upon the companies that manufacture items, and actually drop their tax rates as low as possible, maybe as low as a mere 5 percent. Lowering this tax down to this number would make these companies move back to the United States because it would be cheaper to make their products here then to make them overseas and ship them over here. To answer the second question, the Obama Administration holds their ideals based upon a Socialistic idea and that will NEVER allow the reduction of taxes upon companies that make money. What has happened to OUR United States?

Now just what do we do about another huge problem we have, oil and gasoline? Once again under the Obama Administration what I am going to suggest here will NEVER happen because it is not part of their ideals! First, we must allow the oil companies to drill where oil can be found! Under the Obama Administration, roadblocks have been thrown up in nearly every area we now have very huge deposits of oil! In the Gulf of Mexico, the Obama Administration has come up with stopping drilling by using a seahorse that was “found” to live just where vast amounts of oil sit waiting to be extracted! In Utah, where more oil then Saudi Arabia has sits waiting to be extracted, the Obama Administration stated that no drilling could be done within 100 miles line of sight, b the way, in Utah, one could stand on almost any mountain and see for almost 100 miles! Now in Colorado where close to 400 billion barrels of oil waits to be extracted, the Obama Administration has “Found” flowers that now are listed on the endangered species list! Do you see the pattern here? Everywhere our nation has vast amounts of oil that can be extracted making our nation nearly independent of foreign oil, the Obama Administration has found a way to shut down the extraction of oil we do have! What has happened to OUR United States?

I forgot to mention the second idea, which needs to be done but under the Obama Administration will never be done. If our nation would build at the very least 50 new oil refineries in addition to drilling everywhere, our nation would NOT need any oil from any other nation within one year of the completion of the 50 new refineries. Now I know many reading this up to now will ask, why do we need this many new oil refineries? I can safely state that this would bring much needed jobs to begin with, second, our nation has lost over 100 oil refineries over the last few years. Now many will ask why is it that I seem to be blaming the Obama Administration for this? Simply stated, the Obama Administration has implemented more restrictions upon all the oil producers, coal producers, and the natural gas producers. The reason the Obama Administration has placed restrictions upon these producers of energy we have more of then the entire world has on hand? The Obama Administration is doing this so they can “push” their “Green Jobs” upon the people by “forcing” them to pay higher prices at the pump and they have trouble paying their electric bills. Obama stated that electricity will, “necessarily skyrocket” because the Obama Administration wants “Green energy” and not use what our nation has the most of, coal, oil, and natural gas! If we as a people do not take an action soon, our nation will falter and it is due to our lack of taking a stand and demanding that all I have shown be done to bring back our manufacturing base and open up ALL of our oil, coal, and natural gas! What has happened to OUR United States?

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