What Is He Smoking?

February 13, 2009

I’m talking about Representative Charlie Melancon who jetted to Belgium and then off to France instead of listening to his constituents? Louisiana’s unemployment rate has crept up to 6%, he was re-elected largely because he didn’t have opposition, voted for the first failed stimulus package against the wishes of his constituents, and is supporting more of the same failed policies of the past. Instead of explaining his vote, he’s off in Belgium? What’s the guy smoking? When he landed in Brussels, did he take a two hour drive up the A1 to Amsterdam?

At the same time Obama is telling Americans there needs to be a limit on what they make, and they shouldn’t be flying around in private jets, and taking trips to stimulate the economy in U.S. cities, Melancon is sticking his hand in the cookie jar and grabbing quite a few goodies for himself. There’s the private military flight to exotic Amsterdam, just a mere 2 hour drive away from Brussels, Belgium where it’s caviar and fine wine with breath taking views. Then it’s off to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower… I believe I know exact what part of Amsterdam Charlie his constituents would like to shove the Eiffel tower up, then it’s back home where he’ll get a nice big raise just by being a part of this “hardworking” congress.

More over, while he’s off on his Europe Vacation doing his best Chavy Chase impersonation, he’s not reading the stimulus bill that’s sitting at his desk. He’s going to vote for it and he’s not even going to know what’s in it. If the people in his district wanted there representative to be in Washington discussing the stimulus package, they could have just voted Republican. The Republican still wouldn’t have been part of the discussion, but at least he’d still be in Washington banging on the doors that Pelosi and company locked to keep the Republicans out.

And while Amsterdam Charlie is off studying the important difference between red hair hash and red light districts, or whatever he’s doing just south of Amsterdam, the tide of politics is turning. While Amsterdam Melancon feels so comfortable with his job representing a conservative district as Nancy Pelosi’s liberal wingman, the mood of America is beginning to turn to where now it’s a statistical tie in a generic poll “who will you vote for Republican or Democrat”. Democrats are at their lowest in poll history and Republicans who always trail are now in a statistical dead heat. Amsterdam Charlie, you better make sure there’s money in that stimulus package for all the people who can vote twice for you, because you’re falling off almost as quick as Obama. Nice thing is, next time Amsterdam Charlie is on the ballot, Obama won’t be, except to the people who don’t like Obama. In 2010, send Melancon back to France, or better off sending him to Belgium, it’s only a two hour drive to Amsterdam.


We MUST find someone to run against Melancon.

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