What? Me Vote?

November 27, 2007

After lecturing everyone who would listen about the importance of voting, it appears New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin isn’t practicing what he’s preaching. Which means it’s time for…….
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The Top Ten New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Excuses for not voting in the October 20th election:

10. “Robert Cerasoli borrowed my car to fight corruption.”

9. “My ‘Dancing With The Stars’ tryout ran long.”

8. “I was in Pensacola giving civic leaders pointers on improving their city.”

7. “Without Oliver Thomas in city government, what’s the point?”

6. “I said I’d support John Georges; not vote for him.”

5. “Pointing out that America has not done right by us is very hard work. I was tired.”

4. “Did you see MY name on the ballot? Me either.”

3. “Eddie Jordan was camped out in my front yard begging for money. I couldn’t leave the house.”

2. “I was promoting the New Orleans ‘brand’ in a new ‘K-Ville’ episode.”

And the Number One New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Excuse for not voting in the October 20th election:

“It’s a long drive from Dallas.”

UPDATE: They say imitation is the sincereist form of flattery. I consider myself flattered.

A TOP Dublin DJ is lucky to be alive after being involved in a dramatic smash in a ‘60,000 Porsche.

Evening Herald (Dublin, Republic of Ireland) January 27, 2009 as ’60k Porsche crashes A TOP Dublin DJ is lucky to be alive after being involved in a dramatic smash in a ‘60,000 Porsche. 2007porsche911gt3.com 2007 porsche 911 gt3

The Herald can today reveal how FM104 presenter Mark Noble had a miracle escape after the luxury car rolled over after a collision on the Blessington Road in Tallaght. This picture, captured on a mobile phone, shows the true extent of the accident, which happened at around 10.45am on Saturday.

Mark, a self-confessed car fanatic, told how he was the passenger in a 2007 Porsche Cayman after asking to go for a test drive.

“I wasn’t driving, it was the guy from the garage who was behind the wheel at the time. We were going along the Blessington Road and the car just lost control. It suddenly veered to the right towards the ditch and just rolled over. After that, everything felt like it was in slow motion,” he explained.

The frontman of daily programme The Jam admitted that he still can’t believe that he managed to walk away unscathed.

“When the car spun out of control, part of me did think ‘I’m a goner’ as I could see us heading towards a tree,” he said. “When I realised I was OK, I managed to undo my seatbelt and crawl through the side-window which was smashed in. My main emotion was just shock that I was OK. The other guy was badly shaken up too, but neither of us were badly injured.” The presenter was admitted to the Beacon hospital where he received stitches to his hand, forcing him to take the week off work. site 2007 porsche 911 gt3

However, he said his ordeal still wouldn’t put him off buying a sports car.


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