What Ted Cruz Did

September 25, 2013


By Mark J Landry


The expounding of conservatism was a marathon not a sprint. It took nearly twenty years, -between Barry Goldwater’s landslide defeat to Ronald Reagan’s landslide victory- to educate the populous through a true grassroots movement. Finally it took the malaise of Jimmy Carter to bring about the “Reagan Revolution,” but once Reagan left office the revolution left with him.

For twenty-five years, the conservatism movement has wandered in the darkness, looking for that shining city on the hill. So-called conservative leaders would come, but were soon relegated to the dust bin of history, because their bold colors quickly became pale pastels. Then things got darker for conservatives with the election of Barack Obama. Obama’s first year in office was tantamount to a train-wreck in Socialism with events culminating in the passage and signing of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) into law. But as Carter lead to Reagan, Obama and his Healthcare Law may have given conservatives a new leader.

With Democrats and Republicans in collusion to fund Obamacare, Ted Cruz -with only nine months in the Senate Chamber- stood up on the Senate floor for a 21 hour marathon to speak truth to power. For over 21 hours, Cruz stood on the floor without sitting, eating, or even going to the restroom, because doing any of those things would have lost him control of the floor.

What Cruz did on the Senate Floor was to undermine the bureaucratic status quo exposing the failures of the United States Senate and its leadership, and more importantly gave a voice to those Americans who will be impacted by Obamacare.

I watched about fifteen hours of Cruz’s stand. I heard the letters written to him, begging him to stop Obamacare, because it was destroying their businesses, or forcing fixed-income families to cut deeper into their budgets. I heard him read the Tweets from the hashtag #MadeDCListen, as people sent their worries in 140 words or less. I heard the story of his Cuban born father, who came to America with only a few dollars and speaking no English, yet worked as a dishwasher, then cook, then teaching assistant, then programer for IBM, before opening his own business. I heard Cruz speak to a Senate Chamber where only a few members of one hundred came to listen… how pathetic. America is facing a horrible economy with Obamacare to make it worse, yet the missing senators cared more about cocktail parties and their own egos than the American public who are their bosses.

At Noon, Cruz ended his stand with applause from some of the senators in the chamber. Then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid excoriated him for wasting the Senate’s time, he then faced the same from John McCain. The rest of the day was filled with television pundits either praising or condemning Cruz. But I really do not care what Reid, McCain, or any of the pundits said or thought. What I saw in Cruz was a servant of the people become the leader conservatives have waited for since Reagan. Stand with Cruz to make DC listen.




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