What We Learned In 2009

December 30, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama — Tough on Americans, weak on America’s enemies. After hearing him condem a police officer for “acting stupidly”, one would think he wouldn’t be afraid to call Nidal Malik Hassan a terrorist. Don’t you wish this guy is as judgemental of terrorist as he is of police officers?
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Really, the way he bows down to his adversaries, one would think he’d be a better dog catcher. At least this way when he’s bowing down, you can assume he’s trying to woo the dog over to him. When he’s bowing down, I expect the world leader to turn his back to Obama while he puckers up. He’s so weak, even Putin thinks Obama will share our Missile Defense Data with Russia. What’s sad, not one person in America would be surprised if he did. When the people of Iran began to resist the tyranny of Ahmadinejad, this President didn’t want to “meddle”, but within hours of Zelaya’s legal ouster by the leftist Honduran congress and their Supreme Court, Obama quickly rushes to condemn “bloody coups” and initially sided with Zelaya, who wanted the people to start a civil war and spill blood in his name. In the process, Obama ended up siding with people like Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez, and Fidel Castro, all of who led their own violent coups to gain power.

Have you ever seen a more plastic person in your life than Obama? I’d say empty suit, but it’s more of a mannequin behind that suit. I know Presidents in the past have done certain things to make their selves appear Presidential. For example, Bill Clinton was rumored to put gray in his hair to appear “more Presidential”, and who can forget Kathleen Blanco dressing up during Hurricane Katrina to appear as if she was working hard, but still classy? But watching this guy in the White House feels more like I’m watching a movie than listening to a world leader. Who’s directing Obama? Roland Emmerich? I’d hate to see Obama try to fly fighter jets fighting off space aliens. That thought just makes me cringe, rather than instill confidence. Oops, I spoke too soon, Roland Emmerich is talking about an Independence Day 2. I hope Roland Emmerich keeps his movie more real than Obama. The Barack inspired President ought to tell Americans it’s time for change, apologize to the Aliens for American intervention and exceptionalism, and tell us it’s our fault for driving SUV’s. Uh God, I just had a flash back of that horrible movie with Keanu Reeves. They should have named it “The Day Earth Was Saved From Global Warming By Aliens”… at least I would have known not to waste 20 bucks on the movie, or did I Redbox that one?

And we have 9 to end 2009, 9 indictments in Baton Rouge’s culture of corruption case. 9 people involved in a scandal that continues to rock Baton Rouge. Amazing isn’t it? You could commit a crime, pay off a few people, and have the charges dropped. I wonder how well that scheme is going to work now that the prosecution is getting prosecuted? Oh man, if I had only known that I could have simply paid people off to have my charges dropped against me. What would I have done? Hmmm, it couldn’t be too serious like robbing a bank, but it would have to be more serious than stealing a chocolate bar, and it’s got to be original. I know, I’d have an affair with a married woman, then demand she gives me a couple of hundred bucks a month, then have somebody call her saying something we took a loan out in her name when she quits paying up. Oh wait, that’s been done? I guess dating married people runs in the family. Evelyn Holden must have thought she could just pay somebody off down at Baton Rouge City Court. I don’t know why, after all, she just turned herself into authorities for her role in the corruption. But maybe she thought she still has some strings she could pull. If so, that might just serve as an indicator that we’ll see the 10th arrest in early 10.

Michael Moore is a blabbering idiot. Well, okay, so we already knew that, but after making a big deal because George Bush didn’t panic in front of five year olds to run off into a Jet to fight off Al Qaida attacks on 9-11 like Thomas J. Whitmore would have, Moore really has nothing to say as President Obama gets a tax free tan down on a private Hawaiian beach after finding out about the would be Christmas day bomber. Hmm, I wonder in Emmerich’s ID2 if the Barack inspired President would be busy fixing America from the golf links, or a cozy beach in Hawaii, but the new Prez could actually give a “Shout out” to an actual war hero in ID2. Oh right, we were talking about Moore. Oh well, who cares about him anyway?

We learned that science based on lies is science, and non consensus based science is science fiction. Not only do they continue to, at minimum, ignore the East Anglia emails, but insist they are correct in their assumptions that 2009 was going to be a hotter year than last year… and I think there’s a consensus there wasn’t enough snow this year. After the sky-is-falling attempts by Gordon Brown saying we have only fifty days to save the world from global warming, I am beginning to really like my chances 100 months from now. After all, 73 days have passed and… wait a minute, it’s getting hot, I’m getting hot… oops, nevermind, I still have my jacket on because of the cold rain outside…brrr.

Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving to the GOP, unfortunately his boss keeps proving that he’s just as incompetent. Who would you rather have as President? Seriously? Joe Biden gets Time Magazine’s political gaffe of the year for his Bird Swine comment, while President Obama comes in second with his Special Olympics comment. Not to be outdone by his underlying, President Obama edges out Biden’s stimulus stumble with his own comments about the police “acting stupidly”… and poof, tie game.

We learned that congress doesn’t have time to read the bills, much less proof read them. So when you go to the Amtrak with a gun on your hip and they lock you (yes you, the passenger) in a box, remember, it’s the law… and these folks are against torture for our enemies? What are they going to do for an encore, reform health care so that suspected terrorist gets better medical treatment than the average, greedy, SUV driving, bible and gun clinging American citizen? Sure it’s a typo, but does anybody actually believe the Democrats are in any hurry to correct that law?

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