What will it take America

December 30, 2013

by Stephen A. Cambre

What will it take for the American people to finally say enough is enough and reject those who wish to rule over us? What will it take for the American people to rise up and take back their country and hold accountable those within our government that continue to disgrace and demean our constitution, our history and us? What will it take?

In the one hundred and fifty or so years of progressive subversion of our government and the institutions of our civil society there has been a slow and steady restriction of our natural God given rights to the point of near irrelevance. 

I ask my fellow citizens this, after reading the “Bill of Rights”; can you honestly say to yourself that the rights specified in those ten amendments have not been grossly trespassed upon?

Every two years we have elections where men and women from every State in this great country endure the rigors of campaigns for the chance to serve their follow man and then take an oath to God and country to protect and defend the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. If this process was not so vitally important to the survival of America what it has devolved into would be laughable. There is no shame nor is there any repercussion for those that knowingly violate their oaths. Even the media is as dishonest as those they are supposed to keep honest.

Since our elected officials take an oath to protect and defend the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic, how would “domestic enemy” be defined today? Could it be those that refuse to respect and honor their sacred oath to God, country and their fellow Americans? I say yes, they are the enemies within. Our Constitution only has meaning to those that want to protect it. To those that wish to destroy America and shape it into something they fantasies about but cannot define, our Constitution has no meaning and deserves no respect. Progressivism and those that pursuit it view our Constitution with the distain of a hostile force. Our Constitution and our country are becoming more and more unrecognizable by the day by those that do not respect either.

Our government has devolved from one instituted for the purpose of protecting our natural God given rights to one that seeks to be the grantor of rights. Our government has become the very thing it was instituted to protect us from.

Our public servants have become our masters. These public servants demand and get salaries and benefits that are much higher than those they are supposed to serve. Public service has become legal plunder.

Our legislative branch is nothing more than a body that created and expands a bureaucratic state within the executive branch and transfers its lawmaking authority to it thus vastly expanding the power of the executive.

We have a bureaucratic state that enacts and enforces laws in the form of regulations and mandates and taxes in the form of fees and penalties on, we the people, without representation.

We have an Executive Branch whose actions are ultra vires of the law. The executive (Pres. Obama) routinely violates his oath of office by selecting which laws he will or will not enforce. Purposely lies to the people to mislead them for selfish political gain (Obamacare). At a minimum looks the other way as the IRS which is his responsibility to oversee target individuals and groups that he does not approve of giving passive authorization where to this day no one has been held accountable or disciplined.

The bureaucratic state within the executive branch also acts ultra vires of the law as in the State Department where again no one has been held to account for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. People are rarely held accountable and when they are held to account they are the sacrificial lamb for the progressive cause.

Pres. Obama signed into law a bill (Obamacare) which in effect transfers ownership of one’s body to the State where the State will decide what is in your best interest based on your worth to the State. If you are an asset to the State, investments in healthcare expenditures you will receive but once you become a liability to the State healthcare expenditures will be delayed or not forthcoming. This is a flagrant violation of not only our Constitution but our natural human rights. All this and we are forced to pay for it.

This destructive force within our government that has rendered it corrupt and lawless is progressivism and it’s concentrated mainly in the Democrat Party but also infects the Republican Party and makes the institution itself incapable of fixing itself.

The predicament our country is faced with today is the result of the “Complete Perversion of the Law” that Frederic Bastiat stated in “The Law” as “Unfortunately, law by no means confines itself to its proper function. And when it has exceeded its proper functions, it has not done so merely in some inconsequential and debatable matters. The law has gone further than this; it has acted in direct opposition to its own purpose. The law has been used to destroy its own objective. It has been applied to annihilating justice that it was supposed to maintain; to limiting and destroying rights which its real purpose was to respect. The law has placed the collective force at the disposal of the unscrupulous who wish, without risk, to exploit the person, liberty, and property of others. It has converted plunder into a right, in order to protect plunder. And it has converted lawful defense into a crime, in order to punish lawful defense.” Read that statement again and apply it to taxes and redistribution, EPA and the use of private property, NSA surveillance and unwarranted searches and seizures.

A single party, the democrat party in the legislative branch passes a law vastly expanding the bureaucratic state, a democrat president signs it into law and a Supreme Court rules the law constitutional that a central authority can force every citizen to pay or relinquish ones property under penalty of law to the State for the purpose of redistributing it to those the State alone determine at their discretion needs it regardless of the fact that your family needs it. If our government has a claim on our labor for the purpose of redistributing those fruits to those of its choosing, where does that authority derived from? Does mans law trump natural law?

What will it take for the citizens of this great country to be concerned enough about the freedoms that have eluded mankind since the beginning of time, became a reality with the founding of America and passed to us paid for with the blood and treasure of those that came before us to do what is necessary to preserve them for those to come? Will it take the current soft tyranny to transform to a hard tyranny? We all live under the bondage of video and electronic surveillance, so will it take the physical bondage for one’s eyes to see?

Polls show that we the people trust our government less and less. Why? Because our government, as evidenced by its policies, does not trust us. We are not trusted to make our medical decisions; we cannot even decide our light bulbs.

Our government has forgotten its purpose. It has become corrupt and lawless. Those in our government do not respect nor adhere to the limits and the authority the Constitution has over them and their actions but demands that we respect and adhere to their authority over us. It’s the old “do as I say, not as I do”.

If we the people are to take our government and our country back reinstitute and enforce the limits on the unscrupulous that Bastiat spoke of and to remind those in government of its original purpose of protecting our rights, our State legislatures must step up and we must support them. State legislatures must look to the Constitution for the answer is there. An Article 5 Convention of the States for the purpose of proposing amendments to assert their ninth and tenth amendment right over the federal leviathan. This is not an open convention as those that support the status quo would have you believe. It is a limited convention, limited to only those subject outlined in the applications for the convention. Mark Levin in his book “The Liberty Amendments” brilliantly lays out the case for its use. Our founding fathers included this provision in our Constitution expressly for this circumstance. A way for the people of the several states to circumvent the Federal government when it becomes contradictory to its purpose in order to correct it.

Enshrined within our Declaration of Independence are the words — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government”. Article 5 is the means by which the people can exercise their right to alter not abolish our Republic and its form of government.  I suggest that everyone that says, what can I do, read it and understand it. There is no other way within the bounds of civility.

If our States are not willing to protect its citizens from an all powerful central government when they have the authority of the Constitution on their side then what is their purpose as a governing body other than serving as an agent of that all powerful central government. If this is the case, what then are the people to do?

Do not be afraid of a State convention, embrace it. Educate yourself about it and pressure your State legislators to support it. If your legislator does not support it, educate then or elect someone who does.

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