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June 19, 2008

I have so many things to write about but it simply isn’t feasible for me to write a post on each subject. So, I thought I’d share with you a few thoughts that’s running around my head.

Louisiana’s Left Wing Blogoshpere: Liberals have the uncanny ability to forget what they believed ten minutes ago. If anybody can tell me what they actually stand for, please let me know. I guess I can understand why they don’t dare go against the mob mentality, after all, look at what they did to Joe Lieberman just because he disagreed with them on one issue. If I were a Democrat blogger, I’d be afraid of being eleibermanated as well.

Bobby Jindal: Oh what a great disappointment. During his campaign, Bobby Jindal promised to veto pay raises identical to this one. What’s more, he told us that the corrupt ones were going to fight him tooth and nail and that he’ll need us to stand by him. Well that big fight finally came, the legis brought toothpicks to fight with, the people brought Howitzers and Bobby brought his special super hero powers… invisibility. What he didn’t tell us was when the big fight would come, we’d be standing in front of him. I guess he was afraid that those toothpicks would poke his eye out. If he were a mobster, he’d be “Knee Buckling Bobby”. If he were a cowboy, he’d be “No Draw McGraw”, or maybe just “Jessie Jane”. Maybe he would be “Bobby the Kid”, “Zero”, or “Doc Runaway”. All that big talk during the campaign but in his first “big” fight Bobby Jindal starts flashing us like a Mardi Gras tramp, showing off his big yellow belly. Where was Jindal’s, well, you know, [those things Monica would place on her chin] in all this?

What’s sad is Bobby Jindal took the Bush approach to politics. *sigh* When are elected Republicans going to learn that Democrats have absolutely no intention of doing anything positive for the state or country? Couldn’t he see that they would test his campaign promises so they could use it again in for years? Do you really think Ann Duplessis wanted to help Jim Tucker get legislation passed? She knew that they could use this against Bobby Jindal while she’ll be able to wash her hands clean of the whole thing. We’ll have the knee pad gang on the left net bashing Bobby Jindal while conveniently ignoring that Democrats also passed it.

Mary Landrieu also announced again that she was for lowering gas prices by welcoming Bush over to her side…. but wasn’t her side the side that voted to keep gas prices high because Senator Ken Salazar “asked her to”? Senator Mary Landrieu was quoted as saying this to President Bush “”Welcome to the off-shore energy fight, Mr. President…we’ve been waiting for you,”. Well Senator, we’re still waiting for you. If she’s so much for drilling, why did she vote against it because Ken Salazar ‘asked her to’? Another Louisiana fraud.

And why can’t we drill for more oil? Democrats want to be the party of oil shortage, high gas prices, and rationing. DNC = Don’t Need Crude. Why else would the Democrats continue to expect the rest of the world to provide oil to Americans while selfishly keeping our own oil resources from the world? We can’t keep consuming other people’s resources while sitting on our own and expect the rest of the world to just say okay. Seems to me that somebody keeps talking change but what he really wants is to continue the failed policies of the past.

Obama blamed Bush because we haven’t caught Osama, again. Barack seems to think that if he gets elected that he’ll be able to give us Osama… and once he gets elected, he’ll change the B to an S and suddenly, just like that, we’ll ha ve Osama… he’ll just be our President. And wasn’t Barack Obama the guy running for President who has promised to meet and greet our enemies under any circumstances while also threatening to bomb our allies? Whose side is he on again?

Speaking crazy people with kooky ideas, Al Gore endorsed Barack Osama saying “after the last eight years even our dogs and cats have learned that elections matter.” Now remember, this is the guy that thinks every vote should count… even the illegal votes. Well all votes except those from people serving overseas. But why would Al Gore say “even our dogs and cats have learned that elections matter.”?

Well, as it turns out, some people have been registering to vote that’s not quite right… down in New Orleans. Some people think voting is like buying raffle tickets, the more times you enter, the greater your chances are of winning. Other people have bringing their pets along to register as well as their dead grandparents. And who paid for this voter fraud? The guys who want “every vote to count” (even the illegal ones) of course. Oops, now I’m going to be accused of standing in the way of democracy.


States News Service May 7, 2010 WASHINGTON — The following information was released by the office of Michigan Rep. John Dingell:

Congressman John D. Dingell praised the Department of Transportation (DOT) decision to grant Delta Airlines and Detroit Metro Airport one of four new routes connecting U.S. travelers to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. The Congressman discussed the route with Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and joined with the Michigan Congressional delegation to push for the new route. These new routes to Haneda will be the first U.S. route to that airport in more than 30 years. this web site detroit metro airport

“We made a compelling case,” Dingell said. “Detroit and Tokyo do an incredible amount of business together and it is critical that citizens of both countries have this kind of access. Haneda is much closer to central Tokyo than Narita Airport. It is a true testament to quality of work being done by Delta and Detroit Metro Airport. All the major airlines and several cities wanted this route, but New York, Los Angeles, Honolulu and Detroit were the only cities to get them.” Japan’s main airport, Narita, is more than 40 miles outside of Tokyo. web site detroit metro airport

Delta’s Detroit hub will also provide convenient one-stop connecting service to more than 100 cities. There are more than 500 Japanese companies located in Michigan and Michigan exports more than $1.5 billion annually to Japan. Service to Haneda will be strongly supported by the local market, as well as from connecting points at Detroit Metro.

The other new routes: American Airlines will operate a flight from JFK Airport in New York, Delta Air Lines has a second flight originating in Los Angeles and Hawaiian Airlines from Honolulu.

Haneda is scheduled to open a new runway to accommodate international service in October. The airlines are required to begin Haneda operations by January 29, 2011. Objections to the show-cause order are due in ten days, and answers to objections are due seven days afterward. After the comment period ends the Department will issue a final decision.

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Maybe Mr. J should join the mob... maybe he'd have some kahoona's.... Evidently every Demo in Louisiana thinks they are in it...


Seems like the Bobby Jindal express to the VP slot is a dead end. Yes we got the dead and dogs voting in Illinois too. They got JFK elected in Chicago with the help of John Daly,the mob and unions.

Charlie Buras
Charlie Buras

The last week Jindal has never looked more youthful and inexperienced. I know the guy is young, but his responses to the pay raise make him look like a skinny kid in an oversized suit trying to reason with folks who wield the power. I agree. Such a disappointment.

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