What’s So Great About Fred Thompson?

November 25, 2007

I know I keep coming back to this, but the more I see this guy on T.V., the more I’m confused by conservative drooling over Fred Thompson. As I’ve watched him over the past few months, I haven’t been impressed. And while I think he may be capable of winning the Republican nomination, I have doubts about whether he can win the general election. The following explains why.
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Fred defends the invasion of Iraq as “the right thing to do.” Now some of you die- hards out there are going to get mad as hell at me for second guessing our invasion of Iraq. Well, that’s your business, but don’t dare suggest that I have been listening to the “liberal media,” because to say that is to divorce oneself from reality.

Who now thinks the war is a mistake? Well, for starters, there’s William F. Buckley, considered one of the founders of the conservative movement. Ben Stein, a sworn Republican conservative, sent Fox News’ Neil Cavuto into a tailspin when he said that the Iraq War was “a disaster.” Bob Novak and Pat Buchanan were against it from the beginning.

To call any of those men “liberal” or suggest that they hate America is an outright delusion.

I just gave you several well-known conservatives who have admitted that the war was a mistake, a position now held by a large percentage of the American people.

But that isn’t Fred Thompson’s position. He is hawkish, and has told Sean Hannity that he is prepared to attack Iran preemptively.
With Fred’s comments about foreign policy, the Dems can portray Thompson as they portrayed Barry Goldwater in 1964: as a hawkish lunatic. Given the public anger over the current Iraq war, it will be effective in the general election.

He’s told Sean Hannity (twice) that we live in “perilous times.” He’s also told him (twice) that it’s important for “the man to fit the times and the times have to fit the man.” “There’s something about America that’s different… the challenges are different… I’m different….”

Yes, America is a different place compared to the way it was in the twentieth century.  It’s a different place as compared to six months ago. America is in a constant state of change, so can he tell us something we don’t know?  And as for America living in “perilous times,” well, again, what’s so unique about that?  Anyone remember the Japanese Empire? The Nazis? The cold war?

How are these times any more perilous than those  in the past?

Which brings me to my final observation about Fred.

He has been (egregiously) compared to Ronald Wilson Reagan.

But Fred’s gloominess about America’s future is nowhere near the sunny optimism of President Reagan.

Perhaps all of this is why Thompson (the great white hope for hard line conservatives) has failed to catch up to Rudy in the polls.

We’ll see.

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